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My spouse left home 10 years ago saying will be back in 15 minutes but even today I have no clue if alive or not. Only the vehicle was found but not the body. We have one son. After that incident, I was totally devastated. Why did this happen to me? Why was I cheated on? Why is my son deprived of parents love? And why did I have to struggle a lot in life alone without a partner?



Gear up for the truth! Truth can sometimes be bitter but nevertheless, it is the TRUTH! And it cannot be any other way! I can tell you the untruth that ‘what happened to you was all God’s fault or your spouse’s fault, but it will not be the truth. Untruth will not take you very far on the spiritual path. And Truth can be harsh. Are you ready to face it?
Here you go.
Every single thing that happens to anyone on this planet is Karma!
Few important points to understand and ACCEPT about the Law of Karma are:
    • We are totally and completely responsible for EVERYTHING that comes our way. We have attracted it into our lives by our own doing from our past [maybe past lifetimes]. We cannot blame anyone else for anything. We are completely responsible for the ‘Good’ that comes into our life. We are completely responsible for the ‘Bad’ that comes into our lives. Wake up and see, that this entire world of yours is your own creation.
    • There cannot be something that is selectively your creation and selectively not your creation. This is not true. This is just a lie that your mind will tell you. Don’t believe it. Otherwise, you will waste another lifetime in the same nonsense. The truth is, ‘Everything that you have in life right now is the product of your own past karma.’
    • And as you have created it, you must go through it, whether you like it or not. Karma means payback. If something has come your way, it is because it is time for payback. You payback Good as well as Bad.
    • When you payback willingly, without frustration, without excitement, calmly walking through every incident like the Buddha, you will stop accruing future Karma. Remember the key is, What is, IS! Learn to be with what is, without reacting.

Understanding this Truth well, the wise ones always walked the path of life very carefully being aware of every action- speech and thought. Work on yourself instead of accusing people, situations, time, God or the past.

Be with what is! Being with what is, is a Tapa. May you learn to accept the highest TRUTH and grow stronger on this path of spirituality. Sukhi Bhava!

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