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Spiritual Anxiety!

by | Aug 7, 2022 | Anxiety, General Spiritual, Mind


Jai Gurudev Ektaji,

For the past 3 months I have been regularly doing my sadhana every morning. Also, I have been listening to and reading knowledge more regularly than before. But I have noticed that I have become much more sensitive to my thoughts and emotions. The more I try to focus on the present moment, the more I feel uneasy. I have started feeling anxious and I can hear my heart beating louder and faster at times. I have never been like this and have always been much more relaxed and easygoing. I don’t understand what is happening to me. I have faith in my master and his teachings and would continue with my sadhana but I am curious to know. Please guide.



If you feel anxiety, first thing to do is:

    1. Visit a doctor. If you pass the doctor’s test and still feel anxious then probably…..
    2. Congratulations is in order! You are in Love! These are symptoms of love 😉

Jokes apart!

When you start walking this spiritual path, many different kinds of symptoms arise.

    • Some people behave like ‘Romantic Bollywood actors’, dreamy eyed, elated, always dancing and jumping around, smiling strangely, soaked in thoughts of the beloved [Love for the Guru, God, Self or Consciousness].
    • Some people can feel lost and extremely overwhelmed by the opening of an unknown door into an unknown vast spiritual land.
    • Some people can actually feel anxious and even despondent, because the mind is now retaliating in a subtle way against this new-found mind-killing remedy called ‘spirituality’. This happens to a few rare gems who start practicing [both technique & knowledge] sincerely, right from the beginning. Understanding the process from the mind’s point of view is very important:
      • The mind is used to indulging in the objects of the 5 senses. Its always busy with sight, sound, smell, taste & touch.
      • Suddenly it notices that you have taken up a new journey of going within and establishing in Silence [Meditation].
      • This Silence is now taking up the time of the mind for indulgence in sense pleasures. It now starts feeling neglected.
      • A neglected child always throws tantrums. Tantrums are in the form of  anxiety/uneasiness/increased sensitivity, etc. It can have many other manifestations too. Be aware of the drama of this mind!

In either of the situations above, do not give over-importance to the emotions. Emotions are temporary, they come, they go.

Follow your intellect! Be well-founded in your practice and keep walking this path of self-discovery!

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  1. Shivam

    Di you are amazing😇😇 I’ve been looking for this since a long time 🙂

  2. VP

    Ditto above. Experiencing exact situation as the seeker above for the past year or so. Is “time” the only solution to this situation ?

  3. BG

    This is very relevant and timely information for me.
    Thank you, Thank you and Thank you.

  4. SK

    Thank you Ektaji. I was also wondering why I’m going from being carefree to being jittery. I see that my previous sadhanas were done using the mind…..Whereas being in Awareness and silent meditation do not use the mind. The mind also knows that it is being watched and reformed now. So it acts like a serpent waiting to strike whenever I am not Aware/ vigilant. You are a trikaala-jnani. You knew we would all come here with this problem searching for an answer in the future 😊 My deepest gratitude.🙏🏼

    The first category you described (romantic Bollywood actors) really gave me a good laugh. I was also in that state at one time and wished I could be there forever, but I understand it is only Maya. I have realized it is only a step in the path and not the destination. Thank you for clarifying that to us.🙏🏼


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