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So many spiritual techniques! So much confusion!

by | Mar 9, 2019 | General Spiritual, Guru


Before coming on to the spiritual path, life was simple. You study, you pass the exam. You don’t study, you fail. Now with the half-baked Knowledge, for anything you worry a thousand things:

  • Whether I am witness consciousness or working with Raaga-Dvesha?
  • Good karma? Bad karma?
  • State of mind – Sattvik, Rajasik, Tamasik
  • Planets and alignment
  • Application of knowledge
  • Angels and devas and prayer or not?
  • Practice mantras, meditations, pranayama, seva, satsang or not?

The mind is caught up in all this doing. Please advise on how to untangle my mind?


We are all at different levels of understanding. These levels are not linearly higher or lower than each other. These levels are a part of the radius of a circle.  Either, one is closer to the centre of the circle or somewhere along its radius. Sometimes, one keeps shuttling between the centre and the circumference. The Guru can never really know exactly where you are and what teaching will be perfectly applicable to a disciple to help him get established in the centre. Why?

Because a Guru has thousands of disciples. He cannot attend to each one individually. Even if he were to attend to each one individually, it is very difficult for him to know exactly where you are in the circle because you are not truthful to yourself, how can you be truthful to a Guru about your spiritual progress?

What I mean, is that we have all hypnotized ourselves so intensely that we manipulate ourselves into thinking that we are at a certain stage in our spiritual path whereas that might just be a self-created illusion. We intellectualize spiritual concepts and believe that we have applied them in our lives and progressed.

In this mighty cobweb of illusion, you expect the Guru to go past the thicket of the cobwebs of lies to see exactly where you are and then convince you about what is required for you [the exact teaching] to reach the summit. This is a lot of work and may not be a successful endeavour if the disciple is not really interested in transforming himself spiritually but just looking for a temporary superficial solace from some samsaric botheration. So the Guru has to come up with medicines for all the samsaric diseases.

The Guru is like the Ocean that accepts everyone. He paves the spiritual path in such a way that there is food for every soul; knowledge of Gunas and the Mind for the intellectual; faith and devotion for the sensitive and emotional; mantras, pranayama, seva for the industrious; knowledge of Karma and Angels for the self-disciplined; meditations of different types catering to different mental wavelengths seeking temporary calmness or permanent riddance from cycle of birth-death cycle, etc. That’s why we have the entire gamut of spirituality to select from.

But remember, everything does not work for everyone. It is up to you to find one spot where you hit the damp ground. Then you dig DEEPER THERE ONLY. You will definitely bring up the spring of Swabhava Gnyana [Self-realization]. But if you keep digging small holes everywhere, without going deep in any one place, you will not be able to quench your thirst.

What is the purpose of a Guru?

The entire effort of the Guru is to prod the disciple until he is totally ready to KILL HIS OWN EGO and LET GO OFF the Samsara. Only at this particular point, will a disciple be 100% honest and truthful about where he is in his spiritual quest. But thankfully, when one reaches this stage, one is able to DISCOVER THE TRUTH BY HIMSELF. One does NOT need an external support anymore. One becomes his OWN Guru and teaches his own-self.

So in reality, one needs a Guru only to reach this final peak of strength to kill the Ego. Once this is accomplished, one must walk alone to reach God.

Prem gali atii sankari, ta mein dau na samaye – the path of love is very narrow, it does not have room for two.

In the end, just before you climb up to the peak, you must tread that steepest and last part of the climb alone. Sukhi bhava!

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