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See Guru as an Energy, not a Personality!

by | Mar 4, 2021 | Body, Concepts, Doubts, Emptiness, Faith, Fullness, Guru, Intellect, Knowledge, Mind, Opinion/Behavior/Judgement, Personality, Prakriti, Purusha, Vedic


Yesterday Guru Dev tweeted that see Guru as beyond a personality see the being, see the hollow and empty, ever full presence. From past few weeks, I was actually wanting to feel Guru Dev beyond the body. And you are the best person, as the way you explain things is amazing, such high knowledge in simple words which is easy to understand.


The Ancient Scriptures teach you that ‘you are not the body’. You are the consciousness that is operating the tool called the body. You are the Purusha who is in the Prakriti called body.

So if you are not the body, how can the Guru be the body?

Personality is of the body. Personality is not of the Purusha. A Guru is not a personality.

Don’t look at Guru as a personality for your own sake. It will help you easily follow his ancient wisdom and pave your own path to salvation. Otherwise, the mind gets stuck in judgements about his personality. The mind can get caught up in the wrong understanding that – He walks and talks like us, he eats and sleeps, like us, he even falls sick like us, then how can he be enlightened?

What to do if judgements arise?

Intellect can only understand logic. But the heart can go beyond logic into the realm of Faith. Don’t fall into this trap of the intellect. Recognise from your heart that the Guru is a window to the infinity. He comes to guide us on the path to Salvation. For that purpose, he had to take a body. Otherwise, you and I would not be able to understand him. Do you understand the song of the birds? Do you understand the song of the wind? No, we don’t. For our sake, he takes a body so that we can see and understand him.

One must learn to look beyond the body. Look beyond the Prakriti called body. Look at that hollow and empty nothingness that is the Purusha! That is the being! That Purusha has become ONE with the Brahman and is calling out to you to unite with the Brahman too.

Stop taking the spiritual path lightly! Otherwise, the loss will be yours.

You must work hard to strengthen your spiritual side so that it blossoms in all aspects of your life! And only an unbiased intellect can pave that path for you!

Keep walking! Charetveti! Keep walking! Charetveti!


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    Gratitude for wisdom 🙂


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