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What is meant by ‘being Samagra’ in the flow when one gets angry and reacts?


Samagra means ‘being immersed totally in the present moment as it is, devoid of thought or logic’. The moment you use the word ‘I am reacting’ in your head, you know that you were not ‘samagra’. The moment you know you are reacting, you are already calculating, already logically analyzing, judging between right and wrong, thinking whether you should be doing this or not, etc. You are in the head.

If there is anger, it is ‘of the heart’ not of the head. If you can become ‘of the heart’ without a single analysis or calculated move then only are you samagra in the flow. Not otherwise dear.

This itself is a practice of unlearning all the ‘good mannered’ ‘gentlemanly’ or ‘lady-like right behavior’ concepts and rising beyond the opposites of right and wrong. It takes a while to become child-like again.

A child gets angry completely and becomes ‘anger’ himself, there is no more ‘logic’ operating. He even beats up the wall for bumping into him. There is 100% innocent anger. The child looks beautiful when angry and you???

So keep unlearning until you get there dear. Be child-like again not childish. Life is a full circle, we return to the starting point at the end of the spiritual path.

Beyond the realm of right doing and wrong doing, there is a field, I will meet you there.


How do I see the flow when I am disturbed?


You cannot make an attempt to see the flow after you have gotten disturbed dear. One must practice to be with the flow now when everything is quiet. It is a practice of unlearning and letting go all that you have learnt in the past and just being with what is.

Being with the flow means being with what is. What is, IS! Just be! Be with both the opposites of peace & disturbance.

If there is peace, so be it. If there is disturbances, so be it. It is my current Truth.

Even a thought of wanting it to be different from what it is right now means that you are not in the flow, you are not being with what is. Looking for a solution in your mind means you are not in the flow….. just be!

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