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Sab Moha Maaya hai!

by | Apr 13, 2021 | Brahman, Consciousness, Desire, General Spiritual, Illusion, Maaya, Samsara, Self


Dear didi 

Your what’sapp dp is “Sab moh maaya hai”. Means except self everything is moh maaya? Like my body, my mind, my ego is MAAYA? People around me, their body, their ego, their mind is also Maaya. And I should let go of it?


Correct! In fact, even the individualized self is Maaya/ Illusion. It is created by my own illusion. There is in reality just the collective Self called Brahman Consciousness.

We are all just downloads of that one single pool. That’s why we all experience the same thing. And just because we all experience the same person/situation/thing, we think it is real. It’s just like we all watch the same 9pm program sitting in our own rooms. The source of the download is the same for all, therefore the experience is the same for all. Just because experience is the same, we call it Real. In reality, it is just a play of reflection of light on a white screen. The illusion we see on the screen is of people/situations/things. It is all ONLY AN ILLUSION – MAAYA!

Work on yourself to understand the truth, that every thing is just within our experience and every experience is the product of desire. There is no experience that has not resulted from this thought ‘I want’ or ‘I don’t want’.

The day desire vanishes, experiencing vanishes, the source is all that remains. People/situations/things vanish and the white screen is all that remains.

How can that which has the potentiality of change [vanishing] be real? Everything is Maaya! Sab Moha Maaya hai. Got it?

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  1. Parish Gupta

    Didi, I thought alot about the story you told about Rishi Patanjali … but couldn’t decipher the questions at the end… Can you pl help me understand that? JGD

    • Gnyana Sangha

      It’s not so hard, keep thinking until you get it!

  2. May

    Ektaji, thank you for another wonderful post. The vanishing of experiencing and desire is bringing me much relief.


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