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Resistance to meditation

by | Jul 31, 2022 | Awareness, Buddha, Doership, Kriya, Meditation, Mind


Dear Ekta, I have a question. You told us to give the divine the highest priority. For a few years I have been doing do my practice every day. Every day I spend time on studying the knowledge. Also trying to implement this. I never skip a knowledge session unless I am in a plane and I really cannot participate at that moment. I love pranayama and spend time on knowledge.

But….Somehow I have the tendency to skip the meditation or to keep it very short. I now force myself to meditate very day. Sometimes it goes well and sometimes not so well. Why do I have this resistance with meditating? And not with pranayama and knowledge?



Mind thinks ‘I am the doer’. The doer wants to ‘do’ all the time. Doership is the mind’s way of feeling important. This feeling of importance gives a false identity to the mind. That identity is called ‘Ego’.

This is a vicious cycle -> doing -> feeling important -> developing a false identity -> again doing -> feeling important -> developing a false identity -> doing -> feeling important -> developing a false identity……. This cycle continues ceaselessly in an ignorant one. He is caught up in the Maaya of ‘doership’. No need to blame yourself, it is the tendency of the mind.

Because Pranayama and knowledge is an activity for the mind where it is ‘doing something’, you do not experience resistance. Got it?

So what happens in meditation? Meditation is ‘not doing’, it is ‘just being’. And the mind resists just ‘being’. Meditation is being not doing. It is the end of the mind. The mind does not want to die thus you experience the resistance.

So now that you understand the mechanics, what should be your next steps?

Just BE! Just take a step back from this monkey mind and watch its monkey dance. It will resist, it will create drama, it will give you all kinds of excuses. Do not shake hands with the mind. Just observe it like a witness. Not like a spectator, because a spectator gets involved. Do not get involved. Just be a witness… just watch…. just BE!

Happy ‘Being’! 🙂

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  1. Shreya

    Great explanation. Its really helpful.

  2. Anmol Puri

    I love the appropriate and humorous at the same time.. it made me laugh.. se well explained Ektaji

  3. bg patel

    I love the pictures. It is so appropriate. PERFECT.

  4. Sushma Srivastava

    Just observe the mind as a witness. Beautiful explaination as ever.Jaigurudev

  5. justas

    at last I got the answer. thank U 🙂



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