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I’ve noticed, it is said to ‘be positive’ or  to ‘think positive’ so you attract that kind of people or energies around you, but when thoughts are negative then those energies or situations arise sooner than the positive ones. It seems like it takes a long period of time for situation to change to positive than negative. Is it so? If yes then Why?


The Law of attraction works on 3 basic principles:

1] Intention: If you think negative thoughts, the intention is negative. If you have positive thought, so is the intention. For e.g. If you are not interested in person ‘A’, you plan to avoid him. This is an intention.

2] Attention: If you constantly nurture that thought, you are creating a strong impression of that in your mind.

For e.g. I keep thinking about person ‘A’ and keep repeating to myself that ‘I don’t want to see his/her face in the morning’ again and again and again like a broken record. This is attention.

3] Manifestation: That which you put a lot of energy into, gets manifested. Because the Universe does not understand your ‘English language or German or Chinese’. It does not understand ‘I want’ or ‘I don’t want’. The Universe just understands that you are sending out strong magnetic signals in the direction of person ‘A’. Universe cannot figure out whether these signals are of attraction or repulsion. It just helps manifest that where it sees strong signals.

For e.g. Person ‘A’ definitely appears before you in the morning 🙂 This is manifestation!

That is why Gurudev says, ‘Don’t hate anyone’. Because if you hate somebody very much, that person will definitely manifest in your life repeatedly. Sometimes, if you hate a person a lot, you may create such a strong samskaara in you that you are born as his/her child in your next lifetime. Therefore be very careful of your negative thought 🙂



When my thoughts are positive I feel they are just fake securities to make me feel better. How to distinguish between positive thoughts/feelings and fake securities?


Whether positive thoughts or fake securities, don’t give too much importance to the thoughts. Don’t go chasing them. Just understand the impact of the positive and the negative. That does not mean make an attempt to harbor positive thoughts. Every positive leads to a negative. It is a vicious cycle. Stop analyzing your thoughts!

Your entire effort must be to let go of every thought and establish in the nothingness within, in the quietude within.

I am reminded of a beautiful saying by Milarepa “When you run after your thoughts, you are like a dog chasing a stick, every time a stick is thrown, you run after it. Instead, be like a lion who rather than chasing after the stick turns to face the thrower. One only throws the stick at the lion, ONCE!”

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