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Play in the world with awareness!

by | Apr 27, 2020 | Aagami, Aversion, Emotions, General Spiritual, Karma, Mind, Niyati, Reaction, Sakshi Bhav/Witness


Dear Ekta, I am involved in this direct marking company. This is how they encourage you  to achieve your goals:

  1. Write your goals with a time line.  Your underlying goal should be one that touches you emotionally at a deep level.  Such as you want to help out your parents financially.  Another example, they have an company all expense paid trip to Cancun.
  2. Create a dream board. Cancun example would be to create a board with picture of Cancun, the hotel where you will be staying.etc
  3. You should bring to mind your goal twice a day.
  4. Write affirmations and repeat them daily
  5. Build a burning desire to reach your goal.
There are a lot of successful people in the organization that follow this model. I know goal setting helps us focus our energy but it seems this approach would be creating karma at the same time.

Let me start with the ‘Trap formula’

The marketing strategy that you described is not different from any other job or action. Every job/business/company has a strategy for kindling the fire in you. Once the fire is kindled enough, the feverishness takes over. This feverishness creates the raaga for money, name, fame, etc. This raaga keeps you running like a rabbit running behind the carrot. And you are trapped in Maaya!

Any smart company that wants to do good business knows this formula that traps the mind into the game of Maaya. And several companies are successfully leveraging this formula.


Trap formula risks Karma creation –

Remember, Karma is not created by action, it is created by attachment. One will create karma if there is feverishness to achieve and attain. Once that feverishness has soared to such heights that creates strong raagas and dveshas, this creates Karma impressions.

What to do? Stop working?

Of course not! Be in the world, but always know that everything is changing, there is nothing here worth getting attached to. One needs to work on a skill to continue to do such a business/job and not create karma at the same time.


How not to create karma?

There will not be any karma if you can do all this at the periphery just like you play monopoly. You do the business transactions but all should be at the external. At the internal level, there is no emotional depression or excitement. You play it in the moment and then you are done with it.

Keeping a tab on your emotional graph is the highest priority for a sincere spiritual seeker. So keep a check on it, because the attachment created by emotions will sow the seeds for future karma, got it?

So go out and play but play with awareness! 

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