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You have so many people asking you so many questions from all around the world……I’m sure you could fill every free minute you have (waiting for an appointment, waiting in the grocery check-out lane, sitting in the bathroom) just writing out responses.  And as soon as you can check one off the list and send out an answer, a new question comes in….it’s never-ending.  Do you answer the easiest questions to answer first, or is it just First In First Out? #FIFO

And how do you avoid feeling overwhelmed, or come to terms with the fact that your work will never be complete?

Because that’s the feeling I struggle with, knowing there’s always a bottomless list of things to do, feeling like I’ll never be done, free to do nothing.

I feel like I handle all that’s on my plate better than most, but I don’t want to compare myself to anyone….I just want to get 1st place in the Mohit Mehan Awards, with Mohit Mehan being the only nominee.



There are 3 important things to understand about life and the mind:

1] To DO or NOT TO DO

First of all, recognize the tendency of the mind….. when it has a lot to do, it wants to DO NOTHING. When it has nothing to do, it wants to DO A LOT. The grass is ALWAYS greener on the other side. This is the Law of attraction towards Opposites.

If you understand this TRUTH of the mind, you will stop getting overwhelmed with work because the mind only needs drama. It does not like you moving silently through life. And there is a lot of peace in ignoring the blah-blah of the mind and just BEING WITH THE FLOW.

This soothing feeling of not shaking hands with the mind is incomparable. Once you taste it, you will not give into the dramatic sensations created by the mind’s creative side 🙂


Secondly, I am prepared for Death at any time. I know very well that the last moment can come at any time, in any form and interrupt any work I am doing. Therefore, I don’t attach much importance to ‘doing’. I consider it as a ‘happening’. It will continue until it is supposed to and stop when its due.

Who am I to question the flow? Who am I to even have an opinion of the flow? Who am I to even command that this should get done by this time? I know well that I have no control over this flow. Therefore, I just move with the flow without any demands, without any expectations. If something gets done, its fine. If something goes amiss, its fine. IT IS WHAT IT IS!

I know only one TRUTH – I have nothing TO DO!

[P.S. Now don’t sit on the couch and say I have nothing to do. Remember, sitting and doing nothing is also a DOING.]


Lastly, on account of the above TWO aspects of life, the psychic bandwidth has increased tremendously.
Psychic bandwidth = the space between 2 thoughts. Psychic bandwidth is decreased non-productive thought process, decreased unnecessary indulgence of the mind, minimal mind wandering, minimal mind chattering, minimal distractions.

Increased psychic bandwidth is the automatic product of the thorough understanding of the 2 laws mentioned above – Law of Death & Law of Opposites.

Benefits of this thorough understanding are:

    • Increased productivity [sometimes you can do 8 hours of work in 2 hours].
    • Shoonyata [Zero Mind]. A point comes when seldom is the mind present, mostly there is just Shoonyata.

This is the Law of Psychic Bandwidth –

    • Increase your Psychic Bandwidth and attain Shoonyata.
    • Reduce your Psychic Bandwidth and reach the mental asylum 😉

Benefits of Shoonyata: 

This extended Shoonyata level of psychic bandwidth ensures high efficiency. The super sharpness of the awareness on account of Shoonyata is unbeatable and gets any task done in a jiffy.

About answering questions, I follow the flow. If the flow demands of me to type the answer immediately, so be it. If the flow demands that I record and send it to a volunteer to type, so be it. If the flow demands that the question can sit in the parking lot, so be it. I have over 300 pending questions as of today and I know that if the flow demands so, they might all get answered before I kick the bucket.

I know only one thing – The flow does it ALL………. I DO NOTHING!

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