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“OM” is not just a sound, it is a vibration!

by | Sep 2, 2021 | Independent Spirituality, Matter, Maya, OM, Vibration


“Om” is the antidote to both sound AND sight? I didn’t get this, how it could be the antidote to the latter?



Because “OM” is not just a sound, it is a vibration. According to the scientists, the entire universe is a wave function. Just a single wave…. not particles. Every person, thing, every animal, plant, every gas, every element, every planet, even the space in which all this exists is only the same wave. Matter does not exist. This wave is experienced in deep meditation and it is just a vibration that is the same vibration as OM. That is why don’t think of OM as a sound, it is a vibration that is an antidote to this MAYA which includes both sound and sight impressions.

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