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Observing the mind and getting out of problems!

by | Oct 8, 2020 | Awareness, Buddha, Buddha, Consciousness, Depression, Emotions, Knowledge, Let go, Mind, Present Moment, Sakshi Bhav/Witness, Self-Effort, Thoughts, Vedic, Viveka


I understand that we have to maintain an observer’s attitude towards our mind. But sometimes, trying to observe what is going on in my mind creates more turmoil in my mind since an inner dialogue starts about whether these thoughts are useless etc. Is there a way to observe the mind skillfully?


That’s exactly the process that needs to happen. An inner dialogue should begin and must lead to a sensible conclusion based on Viveka. Here are a few steps to follow:

Step 1] The Viveka needs to distinguish between Tathya and Vyakhya: Tathya is the fact and Vyakhya is the emotional cloud all around the fact. Let’s take an example:

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There is always just one fact – just one Tathya. But the issue with the human mind is that it gets lost in attachment with Tathya. This attachment creates unnecessary emotional drama called Vyakhya. Using the intellect [Viveka], the wise one learns to distinguish between the two.

Step 2] Discard Vyakhya again and again: The wise one always creates this table of clear distinction in his mind for Tathya and Vyakhya. Then he discards the Vyakhya, understanding that it is baseless and irrelevant. Remember that Vyakhya will come up again and again, it is the bad habit of the mind. You have to apply this effort ceaselessly, again and again.

Step 3] Focus on the Tathya and take appropriate action if required: In some cases an action is required, then you must take an appropriate action. In some cases, it is not required, just letting go is the required action, then you must let go!

Step 4] Take a step back and keep observing: Then you must go back to observing the mind again. Just be a witness! Stop getting involved with the mind and just be a witness. Witness everything that is happening in the mind! And if again something bothers you majorly, start at step 1 again.

One day you will come to a point, where you become completely established in the ‘witnessing consciousness’. Vyakhya will completely drop away. The mind stops bothering you with clouds of emotions. You become a witness to everything happening such that every action, every decision happens all at the periphery, while you are still completely established in the center.

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  1. Raj

    Beautiful! Couldn’t agree more with this. While this has been said in a spiritual context here, it is also the power of self-awareness and disciplining mind to not get lost in useless thoughts and emotions. As mentioned, this is also moving towards centredness. And being centered helps in handling this easier and better. I have to say the last one and half years of spiritual journey definitely helped me do this better while I have a long way to go in doing this every time as second nature.

  2. Sweta

    So true Didi but when a observation is that a love done has just diagnosed with a health condition?
    How do we know the tathya ?
    If you realise that natural medical process is the thatya , you follow it and for done time all is good, then the condition reappear, how do u calm the Vyakhya?


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