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Non-application of the Mind is Equanimity!

by | May 17, 2020 | Buddha, Equanimous, Maaya, Mind, Reaction, Self- Realization


When there is a wave of strong Maaya that makes me become unaware and lose myself, what is the best approach to sail though this? Is it the application of equanimity & awareness with the determination to let Maaya pass without affecting my true Self?


Correct! Only Equanimity will help you sail through Maaya! A word of caution there – Equanimity cannot be applied.

The non-application of mind itself is equanimity. It is a very subtle and intricate facet that needs to be understood by individual experimentation of ‘Non-reaction to Maaya’. I repeat ‘Non-application of the mind itself is Equanimity!’

‘Self-Realization’ happens only when you are in a state of non-application of mind! The meaning of Maaya is ‘application of mind’. The only way to overcome Maaya is reverse the process, in other words – ‘Don’t DO anything!’

Contemplate on this today. Sukhi bhava!

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