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NIYATI – The higher management of Karma!

by | Mar 24, 2020 | Attachment, General Spiritual, Impressions, Karma, Niyati, Raaga/Dvesha, Raaga/Dvesha, Viveka


Are all the impressions or the karma we create also ruled by niyati? Are all our raaga and dvesha towards a person also part of niyati?


Do you receive mail? Who brings your mail? Does it fall from the sky into your mailbox? No, there is a messenger who brings it to you. The postman has got nothing to do with your mail, he is just the messenger. If he brings bad news, do you bash up the postman? NO. It’s got nothing to do with him whether your news is bad or good.

Does the postmaster’s office have to do anything with it, whether good or bad news? NO. The US post or Indian post is just the management that takes care of the management of your post. They take care that all the mail that has your name on it, must be delivered to you at the correct address, at the right time. They hire the correct people who would be responsible to bring the mail to you. Only if you receive the mail in time will you be able to pay up your loan in time. But the loan is yours. Your loan has nothing to do with the postman nor the postmaster’s office. Do you understand this system?

Just like that, Niyati is just the postmaster’s office. It is that higher management that decides when a karma, which is due for you, will come your way. And the person who brings a problem your way, or brings hatred your way is just the postman. He is bringing your own karma your way.

And how was this karma created? It was created by you in the past of this lifetime or the past of a previous lifetime. It was created by your attachment to an action or thought. Attachment means raaga and dvesha. If you like something intensely and then obsess over it and hanker for it, you create a strong impression of raaga. If you dislike something/someone and become averse to, you create a strong impression of dvesha. These impressions of raaga and dvesha start collecting in your karma bank. When time is due, your relevant karma is delivered to you by some person, some situation or something good or bad. And Niyati propels this person, situation or thing in your direction.

Thus you are responsible for every single dukha [sorrow] or sukha [happiness] that comes your way. ‘Dukhasya sukhasya na kopi daata’ – There is no other giver of sukha or dukha. You are the creator of your own world! Got it?

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