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New Years vows for the sake of spiritual progress!

by | Dec 27, 2023 | Buddha, Buddha, Commitment, Gossip, Karma, Meditation, Mind, New year, Samadhi, Sankalpa/Intention, Silence

Happy New Year Angels!

In the new year, let’s take Buddha’s vows to make it the year where your spiritual wisdom grows at rocket speed. Remember, your own experience is your teacher. If in your own experience, you feel impure inside, it is because of the lack of certain disciplines. Here is a chance to transform yourself with a New Perspective – take vows and stick to them for your own inner purity, not for anyone/anything else.

Vow 1: I will not harm:

This has 3 main components:

    • Abstaining from verbal harm with words.
    • Abstaining from mental harm by ill-will.
    • Abstaining from physical harm.

Vow 2: I will not lie:

    • Abstaining from speaking anything that is other than the TRUTH. The meaning of Truth here means ‘related to the higher spiritual knowledge’.
    • Abstaining from gossiping, slandering, harsh speech, manipulation, story-telling,
Vow 3: I will not take what is not given to me:
    • Abstaining from stealing things/concepts/ideas/words/beliefs.
    • Appropriation [taking away without permission] of others faith/experience/truth/material things.


Because when you indulge in any of the above, YOU feel unclean and impure… YOUR mind is restless… You cannot meditate calmly or sleep soundly. It is NOT about other people. It is for YOUR sake that you should keep your mind calm, relaxed, pure, devoid of external dirt. Cleansing of your own actions [karmas] happens by sticking to these vows even amidst people who do harm/lie/appropriate. These vows were given by Buddha especially because people following him even though highly spiritual were still not experiencing a SILENT MIND despite meditating regularly. They were instead spreading the inner unrest in the sangha. He proved it to them that only 100% purity of mind can lead one to Samadhi.

Remind yourself – “‘I’ first… the ‘PURITY OF MY OWN MIND’ is above all else”. For everything else, remember 1 mantra, “Not my circus, not my monkeys”!

Stay clean in 2024! Happy Purity!

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  1. Sanam Phuyal

    Happy New Year 2022 Di. Thank you for this blog… Really needed it!!!

  2. Uma

    My favorite blog … Love these vows!!

    Just today someone reiterated Patanjali yoga sutra & said to live a life of Ahimsa … non-violenc of the mind against oneself & others!!

    Thank you for your wisdom!!

  3. 업소알바

    Keep this going please, great job!

  4. Joanna Popławska

    Happy pure 2024!

  5. Farsin Banki

    Dear Ekta, wishing you and everybody a very healthy and prosperous New Year ahead.. I appreciate especially the part of Question & Answers. Here I have learned so much as I am not able to follow your speech on the other channels due to hearing problems. But what I have learned from you in this section and also in the tidbits has helped me a lot to assure me that I am on the right path. 🙏🏼

    Thank you for being here.
    Farsin 🙌🏼❤️🙌🏼


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