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New Year Message!

by | Jan 2, 2020 | Flow with Life, General Spiritual, Happiness, New year, Present Moment

Let’s start the New Year with a commitment to our own spiritual growth. Let’s make a resolution to simply go with the flow.


What does it mean to go with the flow?

It means that whatever wholesome event, person or thing presents itself to me, I will flow with it.


Why must one do that?

Because all that one wants is happiness and wholesomeness brings happiness… going with the flow brings happiness… being with everything as it is moment to moment is happiness.


What if it is unwholesome?

Let your natural humane instinct that propels you toward wholesomeness win over.


How will I know if this is good for me?

Only by trial and error can you know dear. You have tried challenging the flow in the past, you have tried fighting with the flow in the past, you have tried manipulating the flow in the past. You know what that resulted into. Let’s try a different path now… Let’s go with the flow.


May you find your happiness in this New Year! Go with the flow!

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  1. Leena sharma

    Thank you, Ekta didi.

    • Sumant Kelkar

      I am blessed to walk on the spiritual path in your guiding company.


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