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Self-realized beings’ describe everything as a ‘hologram’. Do you literally see people as holograms (that is the word we will use as I only know hologram based on current mind perception visual)? How does knowingness transform the mind’s visual perception? How does the projected scenery change from solid people to holograms?



At enlightenment, the world does not change from a world of people, situations, and things to a hologram dear,  Hologram is simply a word that some enlightened beings use to describe the waking dream. Some use the word ‘virtual reality’.

Different people use different words like a hologram, the fabric of awareness, the light of awareness, a single screen of awareness, etc.

These are mere descriptions to express the reality once it becomes clear that the waking dream, the waking subject, and the waking objects are simply an illusion that appears and disappears daily in myself the-space-of-Awareness. It is a oneness that is very clear experientially and its side product is the cessation of personhood.

Once you see the witness+mind+body+world as a single oneness, you grasp the true meaning of Advaita because now there is no more tadatma [false identification] with the ‘person’.

There is no word in any human dictionary to describe non-duality. This recognition is only possible experientially and people put it in their own words to describe the inconceivable, intangible and indefinable.

Hope it is clear. If yes, search for similar words that enlightened beings use for the supreme reality. You can share with the entire Sangha in the comments below.


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  1. S

    ‘Luminosity’ is one term used by Greg Goode.

  2. Nehal Shah

    Descriptions are many – reality is one.
    In Hinduisam the state is referred as “Ahum Bhramasmi”. Everything is bhraman, there is no I and Other.

    Buddhist chant “So Ham”, literally meaning “I am that (complete existence)”

    Christhians term it as Oneness, where father, the son and holy spirit is one.

    Other great sages, weather Guru Nanak, Kabir, Patanjali described this one ness in their own words.

    There are masters who prescribe “I am”. Bring about silence by reminding that I and existence are not separate.

    One master I learned meditation from, said that eventually you will come to realization “I am everything, everything I am”


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