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How to deal with a miscarriage?



Life brings along sukhas [pleasure] as well as dukhas [pain]. Why a dukha happens? Why it happens to a specific individual? When the dukkha comes? How long the dukha remains? When the dukha ends? All this is ruled by the laws of Krutanta and Niyati:

Krutanta – ‘Krut’ means ‘action’, ‘anta’ means ‘end of action’. Krutanta simply means the ‘time of experiences’. Krutanata is that principle of creation that dictates the time at which a certain ‘experience’ will come your way.

Niyati – is that law of creation that decides the ‘nature of experience’ that will come your way, depending on your Karma calculation. In other words, it is the fruit of action. Everything that we experience is always a ‘fruit of action’. You might not remember what action you did to receive such a fruit, because that action could have been done in your past lifetimes.

Nobody can change the oncoming dukha. But what we can change is how we act/think during the experience of the dukha. This will help us reduce our future Karma bag.

Impression of losing a dear one is one of the strongest and painful impressions. In this case.

It is important to understand that:

    1.  Its 100% out of your control, hence after a period of grieving which is natural, one must learn to ‘let go’ of the ‘impression of the past’. By your continuing to be attached to the past, it will only create a future agami karma. So after a while of grieving, surrender your pain to Krutanta and Niyati.
    2.  Now, do not get into the cycle of self-blame. What’s in the past, is past. The emotion of guilt will again create a future agami karma. Remind the mind, the principle of karma, again and again.
    3.  The mind needs repetition of ‘scriptural knowledge’ to come back to normal. Understand that once a ‘physical body’ meets with an accident, it takes several months of treatment to bring it back to normal. Similarly, your mind has experienced a trauma and needs treatment. Scriptural knowledge is the ONLY treatment available. So encourage yourself and your family to discipline the mind with some scriptural knowledge.

Sukhi bhava! Shanta bhava!

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  1. May

    Dear Ektaji, I have pain and sorrow from my childhood when I was without my parents around from an early age. Do I use the same steps as above to help me release it from my mind? It feels heavy on my mind. Thank you for your help.


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