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Should I apply 100% focus (be consciously aware / be in sakshi bhav / practice mindfulness) in whatever I am doing  moment to moment, even  to routine daily chores like washing, brushing, restroom, cleaning? MIND is going away with planning. I am having trouble focusing on same routine / mundane things or even multi-tasking.


Yes, from moment to moment you must practice being in the present moment in every task that you do, irrespective of what the activity is. Even if it is planning.

If you are experiencing difficulty in Multi-tasking, it means you are not aware enough. Increase your awareness by practicing to be more and more in the present moment. Be a witness to everything rather than getting involved, then you will be more productive while multi-tasking and then forgetfulness will reduce.

Techniques to help you live in the present moment / be a sakshi:

  1. Keep watching your thoughts: We tend to get lost in our thoughts. Because we have emotions attached to them, we go on repeating the same thought again and again in the mind, like a broken record. It’s high time that you become a little more of a conscious human and less of a drunken individual and live more consciously. Distance yourself from the drama and constantly watch your thoughts!
  2. Do not indulge in the thoughts: It’s very easy to entertain a thought and get carried away with it, thus creating a chain of thoughts. Do not indulge! Just watch!
  3. Recognize the futility of thoughts: 99% of the thoughts are utter nonsense.  Be courageous and accept this. It will be easier for you to drop the unnecessary thoughts.
  4. The mind will rebel because it wants to be lost in the past: It does not like being in the present. But you must make a constant effort, again and again, to be a sakshi/witness to everything and everyone.
  5. Planning happens in the present moment: Planning is always about something in future, but planning is done in the present. Got it? Live in the present come what may.
  6. Be a witness not a spectator: A spectator gets excited at every victory and depressed at every failure. A witness is just there totally devoid of highs and lows in his emotional graph. He maintains a complete balance!

Be a sakshi!

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  1. ancientwisdompearls

    No dear, to find who we really are, we need to go beyond thoughts. Join online free knowledge sessions to understand this, it cannot be understood in one line.

    • Inderjit Sharma

      You have said that if bad karma has come your way pay them completely immediately and get free of your loan. How to pay the bad karma full and completely. Please elaborate. Thanks and regards.

  2. ancientwisdompearls

    Join knowledge sessions dear. This cannot be understood intellectually, it must be understood experientially.


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