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Ektaji, My bhakti kicked in and did a little revolt against the answer –

Divine craving (for the physical guru or the tattva) is in my faith a blessing..does Mukti not happen through Grace? Once we reach a stage in Bhakti won’t the rest automatically drop off?


No dear. Nothing happens automatically. The question was that “I don’t want Mukti, I just want the physical presence of Guru. Is that Raaga?” The simple truth is ‘Yes, it is a Raaga!’

What is the purpose of a Guru? Why does one need a Guru?

The Guru is pointing his finger towards the moon to tell you ‘please look in this direction to see the beautiful moon’!

What is that beautiful moon?

It is Mukti! One must make self-effort to move towards Mukti. This is what the master is saying to you. That is what the master is continuously teaching you. That is what his techniques of Abhyaasa [self-effort] and Vairaagya [dispassion] are pointing towards.

What is your job as a devotee?

Your job as a true devotee is to follow the master’s direction.

But instead of looking at the moon, you hold onto the hand or the master’s finger tightly, nothing will happen. The moon will not suddenly change its direction and appear in that hand.

In fact the Guru will say to you, “I am a finger pointing to the moon. Don’t look at me; look at the moon”.

‘Self-effort in doing Abhyaasa’ and ‘inculcating Vairaagya’ are mandatory requirements on the path dear. Then ONLY does one start moving towards Mukti…

And what is Real Vairaagya?

It is a TOTAL Vairaagya to everything and everyONE ……


Follow Up Question:

Even Ramana Maharshi with his Netra-diksha blessed silence to many. Guru is God too who can give the blessing of Samadhi. So many enlightened masters quote and write praises on their Gurus for gifting this and claim that because of Guru’s Kripa it happened. Please explain.


Blessing of a Samadhi does not mean giving Enlightenment. One must earn it. You have to make self-efforts towards Mukti so much so that it HAS TO COME TO YOU!

Then why Enlightened Saints give credit to their Guru’s?

It’s simple! When one reaches the ultimate state of ParamaVairaagya, even the ‘I’ drops off. When the ‘I’ drops off how will someone say ‘I DID IT’. One will say, ‘It happens with the grace of the divine’ Got it?



Aapne stalemate kar diya! [You’ve stalemated me!] Still, Guru is not just a sign post. He is the moon also.


Teri gaadi ghum phir ke bhoplaa chowk pahuch jaati hai. [You are going back to square one]. Don’t get trapped in your mind. Be very aware of the mind’s crafty ways…Keep your focus on striving for Mukti dear, come what may!



Brahmastra fire kar diyaa aapne! [You have the last word]. I am silent.


A silent mind is the doorway to Mukti!

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  1. Phalguni Mukherjee

    Spontaneity in Bhakti how to achieve.

    • Ekta

      Cannot be achieved dear. It is a prasada. It comes as a side product of Abhyasa and Vairaagya dear. You just focus on silencing the mind and don’t worry about how the end result will come and when will it come. It comes when it comes dear, Got it?

  2. Grateful student🙏🏼

    Namaskaars to our Guru on the occasion of Guru Purnima today. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 I remember you said that namaskaar ( namah ) is actually the turning inward of manah ( mind). Will try to follow this. Thank you for turning our spiritual search from an outward direction to an inward direction 🙏🏼


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