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Why do you teach so many scriptures from different paths and not restrict to one particular religion/sect/organization only?



Since 1998, I have propagated scriptures by several spiritual masters. I know for sure from my experience that ALL roads lead HOME.

Therefore, I do not propagate restricting oneself by caste, religion, ethnicity, race, organization, single scripture even; especially if you are a spiritual seeker who’s end goal is nothing else but Enlightenment.

Why no restrictions?

If one is interested in ‘True Enlightenment’, it is mandatory for one to realize the ‘ONENESS’ in all beings. Otherwise, he CANNOT get ENLIGHTENED.


Dropping all boundaries is a pre-requisite for attaining that supreme stage of highest Truth. Enlightenment cannot be restricted for one caste, one religion, one race or one ethnicity, etc. Enlightenment is the essence of this entire creation.

Then what is Religion? Just like caste, ethnicity, and race; Religion seems to create a divide in today’s world.

The founders of today’s Religions DID NOT START teaching the path to Enlightenment with the desire of starting a sect or cult or organization or religion.

Jesus did not start Christ ‘ianity’.

Buddha did not start Buddh ‘ism’.

Guru Nanak did not start Sikh ‘ism’.

Same for all other spiritual masters. They were merely overflowing with the love for the supreme Truth/supreme Consciousness that they had attained. They just kept speaking about the same again and again. These ‘precious words’ started helping people attain the highest Truth and therefore became teachings.

Then how did Religions get formed?

More and more people started flocking to these spiritual masters. But all spiritual seekers are not ripe enough for the highest wisdom and started mixing their own understanding with the teachings. Gradually, the teachings got diluted by people’s own attachments. These attachments created a divide among people. The original teachings were thus lost.

Original teachings + people’s attachments = Religion today

Religion is now restricted to a group of people belonging to a certain faith discarding all other faiths. Hence there is a divide today.  This divide is the product of an unenlightened mind. Therefore, it might become a restriction for the sincere spiritual seeker whose end goal is Pure Oneness & Enlightenment and not a religion, not a caste, not a divide.

What does a divide do?

Divide brings up the duality of ‘I’ and ‘You’, ‘my path’ and ‘your path’, ‘my Guru’ and ‘your Guru’, ‘my religion’ and ‘your religion’.

I do not entertain these differences as all humans are the offspring of only one single source – one consciousness or awareness or supreme energy or God. It doesn’t matter what you call it. The source is the same. If you miss the source, you miss Enlightenment. 

What is Enlightenment?

Enlightenment is the recognition of the pure state of your own self…  where there is no duality [Advaitam] … where there is no ‘I’ … where there is no ‘You’… where there is no ‘My Guru’ and ‘Your Guru’… where there is no Christian, no Muslim, no Hindu, no Jew… where there is no ‘my caste’ and ‘your caste’… where there are no BOUNDARIES!

For me, this is not mere philosophy, it is my experience that came from dissolving the boundaries built by humanity. I teach only what I know. Recognizing the true nature of your Being leads to Enlightenment.  And that is what I propagate. I do not propagate a restricted religion, organization, sect, for the same reasons.

If I teach the Buddha’s path, that does not make me a Buddhist.

Teaching the Patanjali Yogasutras does not make me a Hindu.

Teaching Ramana’s Maharshi’s path does not make me an Independent.

Teaching Kabir’s path does not make me a Muslim.

Similarly, learning Buddha, Patanjali, Ramana and Kabir’s teachings does not make you a Buddhist, Hindu, Independent or Muslim.

I am interested in bringing out the common essence of all the ‘precious words’ of all the Enlightened masters of yesteryears – ONENESS!

For those who’s end goal is not Enlightenment [Oneness], this path may not be applicable!



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  1. Snigdha mohanty

    Totally agree with you..

  2. Nehal Shah

    Ektaji hit bull’s eye with her reply!

    Religion is not important. What is important is some key methods prescribed in religion for spiritual progress. For example, fasting, abstinence etc.

    Vivekananda, one of the most influential swami’s, of Hindu lineage had this to say about religion.

    “Each soul is potentially divine.
    The goal is to manifest this Divinity within by controlling nature, external and internal. Do this either by work, or worship, or psychic control, or philosophy — by one, or more, or all of these — and be free.
    This is the whole of religion. Doctrines, or dogmas, or rituals, or books, or temples, or forms, are but secondary details.”

    Important is to be truly free. Truly free of this egocentric mind and settle in heart. Religion is just a tool, and not the most effective one either.
    Importance is of direct experience, expanded perception and experience of mergence with the beyond.
    Vivekanda had something else to say about all these masters.
    “The Christian asks you to believe in his religion, to believe in Christ and to believe in him as the incarnation of God, to believe in a God, in a soul, and in a better state of that soul. … if you go to the fountain-head of Christianity, you will find that it is based upon experience. Christ said he saw God; the disciples said they felt God; and so forth. Similarly, in Buddhism, it is Buddha’s experience. He experienced certain truths, saw them, came in contact with them, and preached them to the world. So with the Hindus. In their books the writers, who are called Rishis, or sages, declare they experienced certain truths, and these they preach. Thus it is clear that all the religions of the world have been built upon that one universal and adamantine foundation of all our knowledge — direct experience. The teachers all saw God; they all saw their own souls, they saw their future, they saw their eternity, and what they saw they preached”
    Like Ektaji said, identifying too strongly with religion, we land up dividing the world into two, “us” vs. them. We lose the universality that is required to be enlightenment.
    In search for truth, sprituality is the key. There is the same spirit(soul) in Hindus, Christians, Muslims and all other religions person. Spirituality goes beyond boundaries of categorizations. How can we transcend the mind, if we keep on engaging it in distinguishing and discriminating.
    Religion, caste, creed, gender, nationality, nothing really matters.
    Ektaji is right that as soon as people with attachments started practising religion, the pure words of masters started getting perverted. And, the message of simplicity and sanctity of these enlightened beings started getting watered down.
    I think it was Swami Parmahansa Yogananda who said “I believe in Christianity but not in Churchanity ”. What he meant was that Christ, who wore simple clothes, and preached universal love and compassion to rich and poor, his message was watered down by church. If you go to Church, you will see bishops wearing expensive gowns, dawning golden medallions. In sharp contrast to how Christ lived his life.
    Same malady is afflicting all other religions.

    For serious sadhak’s (practitioners) the time is of essence. They have to board samadhi express. They should not get bogged down in religious edicts, diktats and meaningless rituals.

  3. ManiKanika

    So well said Didi and well commented above. As we just passed the festive season. I would like to add that religion over time also accumulates rituals based on environment, situations, etc, etc. Unfortunately, later religion along with these rituals is used to manipulate people for gain for a few. This is diagrammatically opposite to the original intention.

  4. Sumant Kelkar

    Absolutely the bull’s eye!


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