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Mahati Vinashayati – The greatest disaster!

by | Mar 13, 2022 | Aagami, Anger, Buddha, Commitment, Ego, Impressions, Jealousy, Karma, Mind, Vedic

Question :

When I am upset with someone or angry I tell myself to be calm and not to throw any agami seeds. My mind comes back saying I am ready to take rebirth. How do I get out of this cycle?



You must first pat yourself for asking this question. Very few people are brave enough to ask this question. You have not only identified the main weakness of your mind but you have also gathered the courage to ask a question on how to deal with it. You are a true and authentic seeker as you are not fooling yourself. Pat yourself again!

The mind says that it is ready to take rebirth because the mind thinks that it will surely take another birth as a human. Human birth is rare. You must have done some extremely good karma to be able to take a human form. You never know whether you will come back as a human or not. If your strongest impression is hatred towards somebody and if that person takes birth as an animal because of his/her bad karma, you will be born as his/her baby animal, do you get it? Ask your mind, are you ready to risk that? Really? Your anger and ego is so important to you that you are ready to gamble your entire human life and lead an animal’s life? Really?

If the mind is behaving like this, it is only because it does not understand the importance of a human life. All the Upanishads emphasize this again and again that if you do not attain enlightenment in this human lifetime, it is Mahati Vinashayati – biggest disaster that you are bringing onto yourself.

Understand that it just needs some training and repetition. Just like a small child needs several repetitions of discipline, so is the mind. Be a patient mother to your own mind. Do not waste this precious human birth. If the mind slips and makes a mistake, you gather yourself and keep trudging this path of knowledge. One day it will be extremely disciplined. It will become disciplined if you are 100% committed to your spiritual progress above everything else. Your authenticity and commitment to your spiritual growth over everything/everyone else will surely take you there, this is something I can assure you 100%.

So start mothering your mind, right now!

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  1. Sarang

    This is a good case in point related to my question regarding “what” or “who” exactly is taking next birth? If a person becomes an animal in next birth, what exactly is it thats becoming the animal? The person from earlier birth dies. His body, breath, mind, memory(brain any way), intellect, ego are all dead at this point. Its just karmic impressions and the self that remains isn’t it? or am I understanding this wrong?

    • Ekta

      That’s correct 😊

      • Sarang

        (no need to post this comment Ektaji- just communicating with you) Yay! Then what it really truly comes down to is: to connect yourself with the big mind and follow the path that creates least ripples in the big mind- flow with the river…but then again its so large and so huge and so unfathomable that how does it really matter? 🙂

        Thank you for two word confirmation to a jumble of my words 🙂 (I’m loving your Ashtawakra Nirupan series on Thursday evenings by the way)

        • Abhinandan

          Where exactly Ashtavakra Nirupan series are going on


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