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My self-inquiry – Every physical and mental object is just pure Consciousness. There is vacillation going on regards the stand taken. Though there is the being of pure Consciousness, the locus of the being is still here, where the body is. It is not the body, but the position is where the body is. The projector, the projection, and the projected are in the context of the location of the body. Does this change at self-realization?



There is no ‘my body’ or ‘my mind’ after self-realization so there is no fixed locus.

The body-mind becomes an empty shell like binoculars.

The binoculars themselves cannot experience the world.

Consciousness (CHID) sees its own existence (SAT) in and through the binoculars.

The binoculars and the world are all a part of SAT (existence). There is no projector. There is no projected. There is ‘no-two’.


That is the actual meaning of ‘everything being a single screen’. It is not even a single screen thought, because thought would imply the existence of the mind. It is simply a single screen of awareness or a single field of the light of consciousness. It can be described as a Hologram that does not have a projector source, a hologram in which everything is ONLY the same light, the subject, the object, the body-mind, the world, all are simply light.


Do you recognize the light of awareness? You can comment below.


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  1. Jaspreet

    Thank you Ektaji for this blog post!

    • Avanti Gov

      -In the waking state, perception is made of the lite of awareness.
      -In the dream state, thoughts are nothing else but the light of awareness.
      -In deep sleep, knowing of nothingness in the light of awareness. Awareness rest in itself.
      -Nothingness merges in itself, that is, the light in the pure form- unconcerned of objects and objectlessness.


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