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I have to make a decision. How do I let “Life take its course”, how do I flow with it and where does my Purushartha come into play? What do I have to do to stop pretending to be a doer? With all the decision making and choices to choose from, how do I establish myself in this truth that I am not the doer? I have surrendered this to the consciousness too but then again find myself worrying about the future and whether I made/or will make the right decision.



Decision making process requires a few steps, let’s see what they are:

Step 1] Where are you Chittakasha or Chidakasha? 

Doubts belong to Chittakasha! When you are in the realm of Chidakasha, there is no room for doubt because in Chidakasha, there is no raaga or dvesha. In Chidakasha, you do not act out of ‘likes’ and ‘dislikes’, you act spontaneously. So the first step is to recognize where are you? In Chittakasha(mind) or Chidakasha(self)?

Step 2] No decision making from Chittakasha. 

If you realize that you are in Chittakasha [raaga and dvesha], stop and observe yourself! Don’t even make an attempt to reach a decisive point.

Step 3] Observe until it dissolves. 

Just observe it. Keep observing until it dissolves. Observing means no judgments, not saying right or wrong, just witnessing the raaga or dvesha and the associated emotion at the associated chakra. Use Hari Om meditation until it quietens down. Keep observing until the turmoil resolves/melts away. You will have to repeatedly do this exercise. I spoke with you and it resolved for sometime but it came back. That is exactly what is going to happen. That’s why you must do this again and again. This is Purushartha!

Step 4] Retraining the mind again and again is the key.

This retraining needs to be repeated. Just go from one day to another, just observing the raaga/dvesha without getting involved in it….. without acting on the raaga/dvesha. Just keep taking a step back and observing / witnessing whatever is happening in the body / mind complex. Don’t get involved. Getting involved means reacting out of ‘like’ and ‘dislike’. Not getting involved means ‘observing the burning sensation caused by the raaga / dvesha and just letting it burn you without jumping and reacting.’ Just let the storm cool down, let it settle. This needs to be repeated because it will come up again and again and again. Keep repeating infinite times! Have patience with yourself.

Step 5] Act spontaneously.

Keep doing whatever comes your way spontaneously. What is a spontaneous action? Not acting out of raaga and dvesha but acting out Chidakasha! An action that comes from a judgement of ‘like’ and ‘dislike’ is not spontaneous. An action that is from my nature of pure love is spontaneous. An action with a quiet and calm mind is spontaneous action. For e.g. if a child suddenly trips and falls, you immediately reach out your hand to pick him up. There is no raaga or dvesha thought behind it, ‘I should pick him up’ or ‘no, he is a bad child, I should not help him’. Such silly thoughts don’t arise. The natural instinct is to reach out your hand. This action came from a pure space. Do you see what I am saying? When you act from the pure space, devoid of feverishness, witnessing likes/dislikes if any, not acting out of them but just witnessing them like a third person, and then you act out of the pure space, means you have acted spontaneously!

Step 6] Experience the peace of witnessing. 

Once you learn to act spontaneously from moment to moment, then you will notice that one moment flows into another. You are just witnessing the raagas and dveshas that arise and fall. You are just witnessing everything that is happening like a third person, you are not involved. One event will flow into another. One day flows into another. Let it flow, it will automatically take a particular direction, just live day to day, moment to moment. This itself is Purushartha.

Step 7] Decisions will happen, you will not have to take them.

And at some point while moving with the flow, constantly reminding yourself to drop every raaga and dvesha, you will reach a point where you will be in Chidakasha constantly…… all the time….. naturally…… without an effort!  At that point, decisions will start happening automatically. You do not have to take the decisions. Life has a flow and it is a pretty strong one. The decision will happen. Suddenly like a bell ringing, you will know when it is time to know….. time karma! Now that does not mean that you pick up a new raaga waiting for the right time. Drop the waiting for that right time also….. just BE! Just go with the flow! And my dear one, this itself makes you realize that ‘You are not the doer, everything is happening anyways’. Life is flowing, just flow with a smile! Don’t let the raagas and dveshas take your smile away! Just flow!

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  1. Asheshbharti

    How does karma effects in previous as well present life.

  2. Sushil kumar

    JaiGurudev didi

    Today’s I was really depressed.
    Going through the solutions, now I am uplifted di

  3. Supriya Ghanta

    Beautifully explained step by step , how to get rid off doer ship & act spontaneously 👌💗🕉
    Thank you very much Ektaji


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