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Learn the skill to act without doer-ship

by | Jan 13, 2022 | Aagami, Attachment, Aversion, Bhakti Sutra, Craving, Doership, Impressions, Intellect, Karma, Prarabdha, Raaga/Dvesha, Raaga/Dvesha, Sanchita, Vedic


How to deal with a dishonest business partner and at the same time be able to drop doer-ship and act without creating any Agami Karma [future karma]?



First, let’s understand how Sanchita Karma becomes Agami Karma.

What is Sanchita Karma?

Sanchita Karma is my PAST karma that I created in the past, maybe in a previous lifetime even.  Sanchita Karma accumulates as impressions in my Karma Bank.  Impressions are like seeds that take their own time to mature.  The day a Sanchita Karma impression matures, it sprouts into my life and becomes my CURRENT karma or Prarabdha Karma.

Let’s understand the root cause that creates Sanchita Karma.

The root cause that created Sanchita Karma was my attachment to a particular person, situation or thing. 

Let’s take an example of a dishonest business partner.  My attachment to the dishonest business partner in the past created an impression.  Attachment means dvesha [aversion] or raaga [craving].  This impression sat in my Karma Bank for some time until maturity, maybe for a few days or a few lifetimes even.

In this lifetime, I meet that same business partner again, because today, my Sanchita Karma has matured and sprouted.  I have a karma exchange balance remaining with this person.  Therefore, I must go through my current karma again with HIM/HER to clear out this balance.

Now, what will happen if I AGAIN generate another dvesha or aversion while dealing with this partner while experiencing my current Prarabdha Karma?  I will only sow seeds of future karma [because of the dvesha], also called Agami Karma.

So, how to act without creating Agami Karma here?

The only solution is to recognize that the root cause of the problem is my own DVESHA for this dishonest person.  The root cause of the problem is NOT the person himself. My dvesha is the reason that I get caught up in this vicious cycle again and again.

From Sanchita Karma, it becomes Prarabdha Karma.  During the experience of Prarabdha Karma, again I have dvesha, and it becomes my Agami Karma.  And this vicious cycle continues… continues… continues…

Narada says, Shun bad company at all cost.  Recognize here that the bad company is NOT that business partner.  The bad company is my dvesha or aversion for that person.  My aversion for that person is the reason I’m caught up in this vicious cycle.  So instead of hating the person, let me change my perspective and drop THE HATRED/AVERSION/DISLIKE!  Dropping this will get me out of this cycle. There is no other short-cut!

Now intellectually, this is very easy!  But to implement this practically in my life, it will take an effort.  Make that effort however difficult it might seem now!  It is very important for your own spiritual growth.  When you learn to act, devoid of raga or dvesha, and just respond to every situation SPONTANEOUSLY, NATURALLY, and EASILY like a child, then you have learned the skill to ACT without doer-ship. This is a secret of the wise!

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