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Labeling thoughts is doership

by | May 6, 2021 | Advaita, Atma Nirvriti, Atmananda, Body, Direct Path, Doership, Ego, Mind, Sakshi Bhav/Witness

When I watch the arisings with open eyes as I go about my day, I have noticed that sometimes l label arisings like, ” I-thought”, “trigger for habit pattern thought “, “desire/raga thought”, “obsessive thought”, etc. I understand that goal is silence and labeling thoughts is also a thought. Should this also be dropped? Thanks. 


Examine closely, a label is also just another thought. The goal of Advaita is neither to drop anything nor pick up anything new. The goal is realizing the truth that ‘everything is happening on its own, I am NOT the doer’.

If I am not the doer, how can I drop anything? How can I pick up anything?

Recognize that the Ego is very sticky. It does not let go of doership easily. Doership arises in some or the other form. Our job here is only to recognize again and again that the doership is assumed. It is not the actual reality [paramarthic], it is only apparent reality [pratibhasic]. 

The Witness has forgotten its own true nature and has worn the costume of body-mind and is playing on the stage. It refuses to get out of the costume. It has believed that the costume & the corresponding role-play are its real nature. It is not going to let go easily. It can very well pretend that now I recognize that I am not the doer and still try to label everything. Remember that the Ego is getting more and more intelligent in its ways. This is nothing but an assumption of a new doership. 

Instead, recognize that labels arise by themselves. I am not doing anything. I cannot pick up something new, and I cannot even drop anything. I can only attempt to see things more clearly because I-the-witness have only one single function – Knowing! That is why I am also called Knowingness.

Keep chugging! 


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  1. Rama Susarla

    Dear Ekta Didi
    If “Aham brahmasmi” is true why then one commits henious crimes like robbery, child molestation, murder. Why “ the witness doesn’t interfere to do something about it. If we leave everything to karma who is going to take responsibility about their deeds. I am so confused and sad by the latest COVID situation also. There is no end to corruption and brutality of human nature. I can feel witness is there but not doing anything. Just us there. What is the point. Please shed light on it.
    Thank you

    • Gnyana Sangha

      Dear Rama, I have explained this in detail in the Advaita videos dear. I will explain briefly here – Have you ever dreamed a nightmare, wanted to get out of it but were unable to get out of it? YES! Whose making was it? Was the answer to this question – It was Rama’s making and yet Rama was not responsible for it, simply knowing that it is happening?

      Life is exactly like a lucid dream. You have already sowed the seeds of this dream in the past. Now is harvest time. No option! Harsh but true!

      P.S. Hope it is clear dear – Dreamer = Consciousness Dream-character = Body/Mind


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