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Karma payback!

by | Mar 29, 2022 | Aagami, Independent Spirituality, Karma, Raaga/Dvesha, Samsara, Vedic


JGD Didi, If I do my best to overcome my own raagas and dveshas and not create agami karma towards person A and I am successful. But, if person A has a lot of dvesha towards me does this mean that I will have to come back. Just so that he can get over his karma?



Karma mathematics – You are responsible for your karma and the other person is responsible for his karma!

It is not linear mathematics. If you create karma because of dvesha towards someone, it is not necessary that you have to payback to the same person. A similar kind of dvesha might come back into your life.

Many times, people ask why they attract the same kind of person again and again? It is because of the law of attraction; which states that you attract a particular kind of karma into your life because of your dvesha/raaga. Unless you let go of that dvesha/raaga, your karma balance will never be paid off!

It’s not person A, B, C, or D that you are attracting. You are attracting that particular pattern that you have the dvesha or raaga for. Karma is very complicated. It is not linear. It is more like a cobweb which keeps spreading in all directions. It is like higher mathematics! Therefore, don’t try to solve it like a simple linear mathematical equation. Go beyond the limitation of this intellect and look at karma from an Eagles eye view.

Karma is fair and square. If I have some raaga or dvesha. I will have to pay back for it. If somebody else has raaga or dvesha that person will have to pay back for it. Karma gives everybody exactly what they deserve not an ounce more; not an ounce less. Remember, another person’s karma cannot bind you. Similarly, your karmas cannot bind another person.

If person A has raaga/dvesha for person B then person A is bound to person B in exactly the same proposition as much as the degree of raaga/dvesha. If person B gets enlightened even though person A has raaga/dvesha, person B will not have to return to the samsara for him/her. Person A will pay for his/her own raaga and dvesha in another way. This is a fundamental of the law of attraction.

Karma is absolutely fair and square. No one gets an ounce less nor an ounce more.

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    JGD, Thank you for this.


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