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Right now my office situation is extremely difficult. I am overloaded, there is a lot of politics. I want to leave the job but I can’t because of my personal situation. The stress is affecting my health and I am taking sleeping pills. I am struggling to get out of this situation. Please help!



Have you ever played a game in which 3-4 players corner you in such a way that you don’t have an option to budge? You get cornered and tagged out of the game. It is a game of ‘Cornering’. Similarly, Niyati plays this game with us; this is called Karma Cornering. If you have created some Karma in the past of this lifetime or of a previous lifetime, out of your Raga or Dvesha, that karma comes back at you in future, after a certain period of maturity.

Niyati might have several karma seeds maturing at the same time for your account. To manage the same, Niyati has an interesting policy. Niyati plays a game called Karma cornering where multiple karmas sprout and encircle you.

In your case, the first karma sprouted with extreme office workload beyond your capabilities. The next seed sprouted with corporate politics, which also led to a desire to quit. Immediately, a third seed matured in the form of a difficult personal situation preventing you from quitting. That led to a fourth seed sprout of bad health. This Karma cornering is a very interesting procedure, to bring to you all the seeds maturing at the same time.

Niyati brings to you that which you deserve, not an ounce more, not an ounce less. 

In the game of ‘Karma Cornering’, you get tagged, but it is up to your free will whether you want to leave the game or not?

Even amidst being suffocated, by several karma seeds encircling you and sprouting simultaneously, one can develop the skill to keep a calm and relaxed mind. Without that special skill, you cannot get out of the Chakra-vyuhu [encircling karma].

What is the skill?

The Skill is ‘Being with reality as it is’.

Buddha says, ‘look at reality as it is; not as you want it to be; not as you don’t want it to be; but just as it is’. Then ‘Be with reality as it is, without seeking to change it’.

When we are in a difficult situation, where Karma corners you, the mind starts blaming someone or the other, just like in melodramatic stories (Manohar Kahaniyan in Hindi). That blurs your vision and affects the sharpness of your awareness and your ability to see reality as it is! Thus developing mindfulness is your foremost responsibility towards yourself.

What can help develop this skill called mindfulness? 

    1. Meditate Regularly
    2. Read or listen to spiritual knowledge regularly

Pre-requisites for developing this skill:

Exclusive sincerity – Be sincere about your spiritual progress over family/job/money/health, etc.


Because only spiritual depth can sharpen your awareness like a knife. With a sharpened awareness, one acquires supreme intelligence and attains the potentiality of the ultimate realization of truth

So keep walking the path sincerely! May you achieve the highest truth in this very lifetime! Sukhi Bhava!!

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  1. May

    Thank you, Ektaji. I was feeling a great deal of stress due to my personal situation. Reflecting on your post and “Be with reality as it is, without seeking to change it” is helping me very much.


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