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JGD,  We are forced to react to certain practical situations in Life; for instance, when the Mosquito or any insect starts biting, we immediately respond to the extent of killing it. Will the above deed account for dvesha? If so, how to handle such situations, practically?


Action does not create karma. It is the emotion behind the action like hatred, anger, frustration, etc. that will account for bad karma.

One person can just kill mosquitoes 100 times and not get angry or frustrated. Another person can kill 1 mosquito get upset for the rest of the day.

Killing a mosquito because it bites you, will not lead to bad karma. The anger or hatred towards mosquitoes will lead to bad karma as it accounts for the dvesha.

Action does not cause impressions. It is your emotion behind your action that will cause impressions. The more intense these emotions are the stronger the impressions that will be created. These impressions will go and sit in your karma bag and become sanchita karma. Thus, you can kill a mosquito but do not hate a mosquito, got it?


Will the effects of Raga & Dvesha seeded in our present life, be felt in the same Life or are they carried over to the next birth?


Gahana Karmano gati – unfathomable are the ways of karma! The Karma bag is filled with a million seeds. When a seed will sprout, is unpredictable. One seed may sprout immediately – if you put your hand in the fire, it will burn immediately.

Some might sprout in days or weeks or months or years. But some seeds may take an extremely long time to sprout. If by the time, it is ready to sprout, you have moved on to your next body, then it will come to you then. That’s why it is said ‘Gahana karmanogati’!

If you don’t experience the fruit of some action in this lifetime, it will definitely be carried over to the next life, there is no escape from your karma. This is explained more in details in the Karma video. Here is the link to the Karma video.

Here is the link to the Karma video –





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