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Is karma about keeping your intentions positive or is it about keeping your intention and thoughts neutral?


Karma is not created just by action, it is created by speech, it is created by thoughts too. But not by every thought/action/speech. If there is an emotion of raaga(likes)/dvesha(dislikes) attached to either, speech or action, you will create agami karma. So what to do?

    1. The first step is to move from negative karma to positive. But with positive and good karma, comes ego. That in turn brings back the negativity. To avoid that, you must immediately move to step 2.
    2. The second step is to let go of the positive karma too. Surrender the good action and expectations of receiving something in return. Surrender even the expectation for someone to thank you.

That is the way to make your action pure and not create any agami karma. Got it?



What about the situation where your intentions are positive but you still find yourself with certain expectations and feel attachment to the fruit of action? Am I creating karma here?


Every time the mind is running behind the fruit of action, there is feverishness to attain/achieve something or someone, and this feverishness will create Agami Karma for you thus Lord Krishna says, ‘Karm karo par phal ki chinta mat kar’ which means focus on the action and not on the fruit of action.

Anyways the fruit of action is not in your hands. If you keep running after it, with an expectation in the mind, you are only increasing your own suffering. By you running behind it in your mind and playing the record of ‘how you want it to be’, does not make it like that.



Doing any action in favor of keeping your hope alive and in turn creating any sort of expectation of outcome would be considered creating karma, right?


Yes dear, that feverishness of achieving something is what is called hope. There is no need to live in the future because that takes away from the productivity of the present moment.

Let go of what you want the outcome to be. The wise ones just focus 100% on the action in the present moment. They surrender the fruit of action to the Universe!

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  1. Rickey Blount

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  2. Seeker

    Thank you for speaking the Truth, and nothing but the Truth!🙏🏼

    Action= Seekers thirsting for knowledge
    Fruit= The Truth you speak
    Allergy ( to the Truth) sufferers beware: This is one fruit that’s hard to digest because we have to make so many changes in ourselves! That is my experience 😂. But it gets digested eventually!


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