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My husband is an alcoholic all he does is work and sleep alone.  there is practically no interaction or no marriage between us. I feel extremely lonely and very depressed at home.

  • What should I do to come out of this loneliness and depressed feelings and give myself company.
  • How do I change my negative thoughts to positive?


Karma has its own ways. It may not be apparent to you but whatever one is experiencing is because one has brought it into his or her own life. It may sound bitter but you have to keep feeding the mind with this bitter pill so that the mind rests. Spiritual knowledge is the only way out. There is no other permanent solution. Any other solution like company of friends, alcohol, binge TV watching, etc etc that some people resort to, is only a temporary solution. It will never bring you the real rest. So you need to make extra efforts.

Promise yourself that come what may, you will keep revisiting Spiritual Knowledge like Ashtavakra Gita on a daily basis, read the book, watch the discussion video again, do your homework again and again. Make every effort to come out of this dark cloud that you have surrounded yourself with. You have created it for yourself and you will definitely come out on your own by revisiting the knowledge again and again.

Here is a playlist of some important knowledge topics covered in few mins each ––jBy

Secondly, problems come and go in everybody’s life. You sent this email 4 days ago. Take your mind back to how you were feeling 4 days ago….. are you feeling the same right now? Feelings change. They never remain the same. They are not permanent. Your focussing on them is really just adding the fuel to the fire and making them last longer. Therefore, I would suggest that again and again, let go! It will not happen with a single ‘let go’. You will have to do it again and again. This is called incessant effort – zabardast purushartha!

Be committed to being happy come what may! Promise yourself, I will not let anybody’s thoughts steal my moments of peace! So every time a thought bothers you, just take a deep breath and imagine it going out through the ‘Out breath’. Again and again, repeat this. One day the mind will get tired of bringing those negative thoughts your way and you will feel like a new YOU! But don’t stop until then. Keep listening to Knowledge and keep meditating.

Here is a meditation list that you can use to meditate on a regular basis –

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