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Kabir says drop all conditioning!

by | Dec 13, 2020 | Awareness, Consciousness, Enlightenment, God, Guru, Kabir, Paths, Religion, Self-Effort, Suffering


In one of your answers, you mentioned that Kabir asks us to burn down our house of material and spiritual conditioning if we want to attain the Witness/Consciousness/Sakshi. Has Kabir explained what is spiritual conditioning?


Yes, dear, we covered this Kabir song in our Kabir knowledge weekend session. Here it goes:

Moko kahan dhundhere bande. Mai to tere paas mein
Where do you search for me? I am within you.
Na teerath mein, na moorat mein, na ekant niwas mein
Not in pilgrimage, nor in idols, neither in solitude,
Na mai mandir mein, na mai masjid mein, na Kabe Kailash mein
Not in temples, nor in mosques neither in Kaba nor in Kailash,
Na main jap mein, na mai tap mein, na barat upaas mein
Not in prayers, nor in meditation, neither in fasting,
Na main kiriya karam mein rehta, nahi yog sanyas mein
Not in rites & rituals, neither in renunciation,
Nahin pran mein, nahin pind mein, na Brahmand aakas mein
Neither in pranic breath techniques, nor in yogic body postures, nor in the infinite sky or space,
Na mein prakuti prawar gufa mein, nahin swasan ki swans mein
Neither in the womb of nature, not in the breath of the breath,
Khoji hoye turat mil jaoon, ik pal ki talash mein
Seek earnestly and discover me in but a moments search,
Kahet Kabir suno bhai sadho, mein to hun viswash mein
Says Kabir, listen with care, in your conviction only, I am there.

Kabir is not against any religious activities. He is simply pointing out that religious activities are for calming a turbulent mind, but they cannot help you find God. They can merely help your suffering mind distract itself from the cause of suffering and take a break. But you will 1000% return to the same suffering after the religious activity is complete.

God cannot be restricted to one religion. God is universal. Attaining God is called Enlightenment. And God is not very far away from us. We do not have to toil for lifetimes to attain God. Those are simply stories sold by spiritual marketers selling you spiritual products. Wake up! God is nearer than your breath. God is nearer than the body. God is nearer than thoughts. How can you think that there could be Hindu enlightenment or Christian enlightenment? Can God be partial? If yes, what kind of a God would he be?

God is right where I am. Kabir encourages us to look within and find out for ourselves.

Why should I look within and find God when I can take a short cut and just believe a saint/guru who has done the hard work to attain God?

Kabir says Guru ki karni guru jayega, chele ki karni chela

The Guru’s hard work will pay him appropriately,

Your lack of effort will pay you appropriately.  

The Guru’s enlightenment that makes him say that he is the Brahman is not fake for him, it is as true as LOVE, as true as GOD. But believing his words and assuming that is sufficient for you & stopping your search, thus preventing you from getting to your own enlightenment makes it a fake belief… simply because it is not YOUR experience of the Truth. It is his, not yours. No Guru/Saint can give it to you without you making your own effort to look within.


Enlightenment/Awakening cannot be borrowed from another Saint/Guru.

Enlightenment/Awakening cannot be bought in a Spiritual Supermarket.

Enlightenment/Awakening cannot be attained by worshipping the one who has attained it.

Enlightenment/Awakening cannot be gifted by one to another.

Enlightenment/Awakening cannot be attained by reciting spiritual words from sacred texts.

Enlightenment/Awakening cannot be attained by just believing that it exists.

Enlightenment/Awakening cannot be attained by prayers, hymns, songs, rites & rituals. 

It is greater than the material world attainments dear. Enlightenment/Awakening is as personal as breathing oxygen, eating food, and using the bathroom. Someone else cannot do it for you, even if you pay them zillion dollars. Only you can gift your own enlightenment, to yourself. Nobody else can!

Give up all false conditioning! Get Home dear.

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  1. Pallavi Chaudhari

    Eureka moment!
    This is it 🙂🙏♥️

  2. SK

    We contribute to conditioning even now by teaching duality (in the form of duality-oriented prayers) to kids. How can we prevent conditioning from childhood itself? Or this is decided by the flow and not in our hands? I am eager to know Ektaji’s suggestions.🙏🏼

    • Gnyana Sangha

      Treat kids like adults and allow them to choose when they feel ready to choose.

      Ask yourself this question – If you were not pushed by your parents to follow a particular God/Religious Rites/Rituals, and when you turned 16, if you were given all the religious books on the table along with all the different Gods, what would you choose? Which religion would you choose? Which God would you choose?

      Would you choose anything at all? Do what your conscience truly answers dear.


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