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How do you meditate on a specific subject? For example, I think I can utilize deep meditation to get a stronger comprehension of love and how that’s what I’m made of etc etc. But if I’m already in meditation, to try to grab at a specific subject takes me out of it. So I’m not sure how to approach this.

For example, I remember you talking about how young Ekta would read a Patanjali verse, then meditate on it to internalize its meaning. Can you share more specifics about your process?



I don’t really have a process per se. But I’ll describe to you, my approach to Self-knowledge. The last thing I explained to your group in Bhagwad Gita was the levels of speech.

Let’s take an example of “Para Pashyanti Madhyama Vaikhari” types of speech. When I stumble upon something like this for the first time, I make an attempt to first internalize it and then apply in my life [sometimes making notes of experiences helps].

    • Vaikhari is regular audible speech that I would use to communicate this to you if you were standing before me.
    • Madhyama – I am responding to you via email but I am also saying this in my mind while I type, so that inaudible mental speech is Madhyama. These 2 are fairly experiential to every human.
    • Pashyanti is the vibrations that are generated in the Pranic body and translate sometimes as emotions that in turn translate as bodily sensations that I may experience while typing this email to you. That is called body language when observed keenly from the external. At an internal level, I will make an effort to understand not just intellectually but experimentally through meditation. After meditating for long hours, I understand that the Pranic level speaks the language of vibrations. And sound is nothing but vibrations. Certain frequencies of vibrations are audible to the human ear and certain frequencies are not audible to the human ear but can be experienced.


These vibrations can be experienced in deep meditation where everything becomes a vibration. The entire creation seems like just masses of vibrations. This I have observed in meditation myself. How I reached this understanding? I meditate longer than 30 minutes without an internal dialogue with myself… just pure experiencing! So I am actually making an effort to ‘do nothing’. Pure experiencing means ‘doing nothing, just being’.

    • Paraa happens when in your deepest meditation, you go beyond all the 5 senses and become a vibration yourself. When you start vibrating with the vibration of the creation, then there is no I nor you, there is just the vibration……that experience is Paraa.

This is how I contemplate. I do not regard ‘intellectual knowing’ as ‘ KNOWING’. 🙂 I regard pure experiencing as knowing. Some important principles that I devised for myself on the spiritual path:

    • Knowledge is not knowledge until it becomes your nature! Knowing is far superior than intellectual understanding. ‘KNOWING’ surpasses all.
    • Never be frivolous about Self-knowledge – I keep contemplating on a sutra until the sun shines. I never let something pass by. Spiritual knowledge is my priority.
    • Psychological bandwidth must always be high –
      • Thought level – I usually don’t have unnecessary thoughts about food, clothes, gadgets, friends, etc. That keeps my psychological bandwidth high. If I think, its only about application of knowledge or how to explain knowledge to someone thirsting for it.
      • Work/Office/Seva – I also apply that to office work and other activities. For e.g. I will never have unread emails in my 7 email inbox’s at any given time. I respond to messages instantly. Nothing really is pending for me to do.
      • Leisure – I don’t have any attraction to reading something just for the sake of entertainment [applies to all senses really]. My only entertainment is watching the mind 🙂 There is no greater entertainment than watching the mind become weaker and weaker and fall into a state of ‘no-mind’.

I keep my psychological bandwidth very clear, unclogged and high all the times & keep spiritual knowledge as my No 1 priority.


Because the key is not in ‘doing’. The key is in ‘not-doing’. When the mind is ‘not doing’, that is when there is no-mind. In the state of no-mind, all knowledge surfaces as a knowing. Again here do not misunderstand ‘Non-doing’ of the mind with ‘non-doing of the body’ 🙂

Someone long back heard this from me and said, “Jo kuch nahi karte wo kamaal karte hain”…… So in essence, there is NO secret formula.. just DO NOthing!

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  1. Marilyn

    Thank you for this knowledge.Is it possible to take a course with you. I was ttc1 but in the late 90s . Now I am 75 Retired and not active in AOL.

  2. Neha

    Thank you Ekta didi! I feel honoured to be associated with you 🙂

  3. Spiritual seeker

    Another fantastic post by Ektaji!

  4. Dr Pallavi S Chaudhari

    “Jo kuch nahi karte wo kamaal karte hain”


  5. vinaya walimbe

    Thank you Ekta Di for the above post , very helpful to know how you do all 🙏🙏 Didi the Paraa state that you have mentioned I can experience that sometimes when I do Anhad Naad’ where there is only vibration no I or you!

  6. Farsin Banki

    This was long due. Don’t know why I have found it so late. Great suggestions and a very useful guide in calming down the mind. Thank you! 🙏🏼🌸🙏🏼


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