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Is there a conscious link between thoughts?

by | Jan 8, 2023 | Advaita, Atma Nirvriti, Atmananda, Awareness, Consciousness, Direct Path, Illusion, Meditation, Memory, Mind, Sensations, Silence, Thoughts


Thoughts being dead information are simply a result of the memory of people, situations, things, ideas picked up from conditioning. Is there a conscious link between thoughts?



If you are looking for a logical link between thoughts, there isn’t one. But if you mean to ask if there is an interval of consciousness between thoughts, then the answer is Yes.

Thoughts, Sensations, Perceptions & Feelings are all nothing but Arisings. At a time there is only one arising but the arisings arise and fall so rapidly, in quick back-to-back succession, that our mind makes a single train out of the speedily moving compartments. That is the Advaita explanation but I would urge you to experiment and recognize in your own self-exploration. Can you think two thoughts simultaneously? Try it!

The arisings are like images moving at a super-fast speed so the last thought does the job of connecting all the previous ones and says they all arose together like a whirlpool. The last thought’s conclusion is an illusion.

There are clear intervals between arisings just like there is a slight space between 2 compartments of a fast train. This is easier to notice when the mind becomes absolutely still in zero-sound-completely-silent-Buddha meditations. It will not be noticeable in a pranayama or mantra meditation as the mind will get busy with sound or breath regulation and cannot become still.

Experiment with a quiet witnessing meditation and become conscious of the gap in between arisings. That is who you truly are, the quiet conscious background on which all these arisings play and dissolve.


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