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Is there a benefit in knowing about planetary movements?

by | Aug 1, 2019 | Causation, Doership, Faith, Flow with Life, General Spiritual, Illusion, Just Be, Karma, Maaya, Niyati, Raaga/Dvesha, Reaction, Sakshi Bhav/Witness, Seeking, You


What is the point of knowing that it is the Mercury retrograde going on right now? I have only been on the watch since yesterday keeping a guard to prevent negativity. It makes me nervous. How is it helpful?


Mercury Retrograde is just an apparent planetary retrograde movement that brings about changes in most people’s lives. Most affected areas are communication, travel and decision making.

Therefore it is advised to be aware of these areas of your life for e.g. double-check your messages before sending them, think twice before speaking, if possible don’t sign major contracts, sit on certain decisions if possible before committing to that which you might not be able to deliver, plan for your travels and keep a plan B ready.

In my opinion, these are things that one should personally always do irrespective of whether or not it is the Mercury retrograde. Then what is the benefit of knowing that it is a difficult period for people?

Let’s understand with real-life examples:

1] If someone types a rude message to you, you will know that he is probably suffering from the retrograde. You will not respond back in a rude manner. This itself will prevent you from accruing karma that you would have by responding rudely.

2] If someone makes a communication error, you will be able to look at it more compassionately. This does not save the other person. It saves you from the karma of reaction.

3] If your boyfriend is late for a date, you will not spoil your evening getting angry at him for not being punctual. You will be able to easily let go and have a great evening instead.

4] If there is some paperwork that is not getting through, you will know that it is just a temporary glitch. Just a few days of waiting will clear up the clouds and the sun will shine brightly. You will have patience.

On the spiritual path, non-reaction to current happenings & infinite patience are the most important qualities to be developed. Everything else is secondary. Have you mastered these qualities yet?

So be more and more aware every day of your life. One day, the planetary movements will not have the power to take your smile away 😉

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