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Is the body-mind inside the field of knowingness/awareness?

by | Jul 10, 2020 | Advaita, Advaita, Awareness, Body, Brahman, Consciousness, Ego, I, Paths, Sakshi Bhav/Witness

Dear Sincere seeker,

Please find the short video clip and its transcript below for the answer to the question, ‘Is the body-mind inside the field of knowingness awareness?’



The Knowingness; until now you could not see it. Yes? Until now, you were not aware that there is a witness/knowingness/consciousness.


Even in deep sleep, it is the light of knowingness that is actually illumining the darkness… the darkness of no-thing… the darkness of deep sleep.


I was not aware until now, but now I recognize it “Oh, yes, this knowingness is there.”  Now there’s this knowingness, you recognize it as that awareness.


The one who knows right now that you are listening/reading Ekta. Your eyes are blinking and there is the computer in front of you. The one who knows the thought, the eye, as well as the form in front. That knower does it have a limit? Can you say that it ends here, or ends 6 feet or 10 feet from the body? There is no end to this field. You can experience it yourself.


Right now, see that the knowingness is all around. It is not a single knowingness. It is not my knowingness versus your knowingness. It is an infinite space. How many infinite spaces there can be? How many infinite knowingnesses can there be? Just ONE!


This is just for demonstration purposes. This is knowingness and inside the knowingness is one little Solar system, inside that is one little planet, inside that planet is one little person called “I” or whatever your name is. Samata, or Victor, or Jaya. That one little I thinks “OMG I have to make this decision, I am this, I am that, I am the body, I am doing this”. That doership of that one little “I” feels that he is bigger than everything. But really, look at it. The knowingness is the bigger element. It doesn’t have just the body, it has the entire creation in it.  That is why it is called Consciousness. That is why it is called Knowingness. That is why it is called Awareness.


Brahman Satya!

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  1. SK

    The mind may be inside Awareness. But I officially ban it from Awareness since it causes too much trouble for no reason at all, and I am fed up of it. I have disowned it. Isn’t there anywhere beyond Awareness I can send it to?

    • Gnyana Sangha

      How sweet? No dear, mind appears in the field of awareness and dissolves in it. Don’t give it too much importance.


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