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Is the awareness/knowingness limited to special people?

by | Nov 15, 2022 | Advaita, Atma Nirvriti, Atmananda, Awareness, Brahman, Consciousness, Direct Path, Dreams, Duality, I, Mind, You


Do we all experience the awareness/knowingness or is it limited to special people? Can I ever come to the point of recognizing this awareness/knowingness everywhere in everything and everyone?



We all are nothing but awareness/knowingness. How can it be otherwise? How can it be limited to special people?

The same awareness that is there in you, is in me, is in him, is in her. We all are little drops of water. When we give up tussling with the stories of the mind, we relax into our nature; that Is that Ocean! The drop gives up being ‘I’. When the drop gives up this identification, this false association, this wanting to be somebody, this doer ship, then it experiences absolute awareness; the drop experiences the ocean. The same ocean that you experience is experienced by ‘me’ when I am in absolute awareness. It is experienced by her when she is in absolute awareness. It is experienced by him when he is in absolute awareness. The same ocean is everywhere, the same ocean is the little drop. The quality of the water element cannot change. The ocean is the drop, the drop is the ocean.


Just like the water from the ocean evaporates becomes clouds, clouds become rain, the same rain falls down, flows into streams, creeks, rivers, and finally unites with the ocean, and again the cycle repeats. In the same way, ‘I’ merges in awareness a zillion times in a day, that is when you are at rest, that is when you are at peace.

    • For the unfortunate ones who are completely consumed by the mind, it happens a little less,
    • For the fortunate ones, who have learned this skill to unentangle themselves from the mind, this happens a little more.

The drop becomes the ocean… The ocean becomes the drop… The drop becomes the ocean… The ocean becomes the drop…


This phenomenon repeats on a daily basis and if you get interested in yourself, you will start noticing that: 

    • This ocean of awareness percolates into everything in every little activity of yours.
    • When you reach that stage, you would start experiencing the ocean of awareness all around everywhere, from moment to moment to moment,
    • The ‘I’  keeps dropping from moment to moment to moment, there is a clear recognition that there is no ‘I’, there is no ‘I’,

When you grasp this, then you attain the highest understanding that has been mentioned in the Ashtavakra Geeta, then you will understand the silence of Ramana Maharshi, then you will be able to completely comprehend the true meaning of non-duality, then you will reach home.

In reality, you never went anywhere, you were always at home, only your eyes were closed tight dreaming. When you awaken from this dream, you recognize, that there Is nowhere to go, you have always been at home!


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  1. Gautami Makam

    Very well said. I have experienced those moments
    . I cannot describe them. But it’s hard to maintain those moments because the mind jumps into action.

  2. vikash prasad

    Thank you Didi for great explanation.


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