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Is life all about clearing our karma baggage ?

by | May 16, 2021 | Games/Play/Fun, Grateful, Karma, Pleasure/Pain, Serious, Vedic


If life is all about clearing our karma baggage, how we can say that it’s beautiful?


When you keep looking at life like a war, like a struggle against Karma, you will be unhappy. If you keep questioning life, you will be unhappy. Just tilt your eyes a little bit and see, it is not war, it is a game! And remember childhood games like ‘hide and seek’, games are fun! Therefore, life is fun! Life is a game. We are all playing hide and seek with our karmas. Don’t take life so seriously, nobody came out of it alive! Have fun! Keep smiling! Take it light! Enjoy and be grateful for all that comes your way. The pleasant moments give you peace and the unpleasant moments make you strong so be grateful for all good and bad!

Be happy! That is a blessing and an order!

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  1. Seeker

    This article is thought-provoking. Thank you Ektaji!
    I have a doubt. Sometimes I treated life like a game. At other times, I have to guard the mind ( like a fort) from negative tendencies or samskaras. Being vigilant in that manner is stressful and feels like a war. In a game, the outcome does not matter, so we can take it lightly, but here the purity of the mind matters for spiritual progress. What should be our attitude in this case ( game or war)? Thanks!🙏🏼

    • Gnyana Sangha

      It is a game in which you have to guard your mind like a fort dear 🙂


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