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Didi, please would you explain if Vichara [thought] and Vasana [desire] are the same or different? Is desire, not a thought?



There is a major difference between Vichara [thought] and Vasana [desire]. Nisargadatta Maharaj has explained it in the book called ‘I AM THAT’.

This is a wisdom point that is taught at the higher level outward journey of ‘Jagat Mithya’. It cannot be understood quickly if the initial level inward journey of ‘Brahman Satyam’ is incomplete. This is because this can only be seen by the witness and not grasped by the intellect. If you have completed the initial level, then take the stand of the witness and read on.


Once you have recognized that there is neither a world, nor people, nor events, nor objects but only Consciousness [Brahman Satyam], then it becomes evident that Vichara [thought] is simply a spontaneous arising belonging to no individual entity. This is because there are no individuals. There is no thinker. There is no process of thinking. Consciousness is simply Knowledge. ‘Thought’ is simply knowledge that arises spontaneously and randomly. This Knowledge is known by Consciousness itself.

Consciousness is infinite means there is an infinite potential of knowledge there. Hence thoughts are infinite, They arise spontaneously and randomly without a thinker. There is no individual that is creating or producing thoughts. Thoughts are infinitely collective. If this is missing in your direct seeing, it becomes an obstacle. hence attempt to drop the ‘learned’ ideas about individuality and attempt to go beyond and see Vichara as simply the infinite knowledge. The intellectual comprehension of Vichara will not help here as the intellect cannot go beyond and take the stand of the witness.

Once there is the seeing of reality then it becomes evident that Vichara is the totality of the NOW.

    • If there is an action happening at the person level in the current scene of the NOW, that action is Vichara.
    • If there is a thought arising in the current scene of the NOW, that is Vichara.
    • If there is a conversation [perception of sound and sight], that is Vichara.
    • All movements, interactions, and happenings of the current NOW are Vichara.

As everything is simply Knowledge, everything that appears and disappears is simply Vichara [thought].


Vasana [desire] is the interference with Vichara. ‘I want it’ or ‘I don’t want it’ feeling is Vasana.

When the world+person+witness+primordial awareness is seen as NOT TWO, then the true meaning of Vichara is recognized. Once Vichara is recognized as simply knowledge, it is evident that the non-acceptance of Vichara [thought] as knowledge creates Vasana [desire] to change what is.

Vasana is also knowledge itself that does not carry the potentiality of materializing or manifesting anything. The knowledge of the arising of Vasana is followed by the knowledge of the arising of restlessness associated with the non-acceptance of Vichara. That is suffering. But remember, suffering is also simply knowledge of suffering and hence not real.

Once Vichara is accepted as it is, Vasana is throttled. Once Vasana is throttled, suffering ends. Some marination in the wisdom is still in order, my dear ones!


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