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Dear Ektaji, Is intuition a form of mind phenomenon (feeling), or is it an inner ‘voice of consciousness’?



The witness/infinite void never speaks. So there is no question of a voice to arise from it.

Let’s take an example of getting caught up as a decision-maker between 2 choices:

    1. When I-the-Witness, forget myself and assume myself to be the Mind, there is noise & self-talk.
    2. I-the-Mind, start weighing the pros & cons of the 2 choices.
    3. Then there is a sudden recognition that I am indulging in self-talk. The witness gets jolted out of its wrong assumption for a moment. It reminds itself that there is no chooser, there is no doer, what am I doing? Let me step away from this noise.
    4. Then I resume my identity as I-the-Witness. There is a relaxation of the noise. There is a collapse of the feverishness to choose. There is silence and peace. The Witness rests for a moment giving up the craziness of decision-making.

Suddenly, in that void, the correct choice arises in the form of a thought/image/sensation of its own accord.


Where did the relaxation and clarity happen?

It happened at the Witness level.


Where was the source of the new understanding? 

The Witness was the source of the understanding.


Where did the answer arise from? 

The Mind dipped into the witness consciousness’s void and returned with the right choice. The I-thought follows and claims the ownership of the choice and says ‘This is my choice or this arose intuitively’. Just because the words belong to the mind, it may seem that the mind arose with the answer. But the actual knowing and understanding happen at the level of Consciousness.


There is only Consciousness playing the role of the Witness as well as the body-mind. Everything arises within Consciousness. Everything is made of Consciousness. Everything disappears into Consciousness. Everything is also known by Consciousness. This is the highest understanding of Non-duality [Advaita].


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  1. Ranjine R

    Thank you Didi. Learning from all of the Advaita sessions with you, I noticed this: As long as there are doubts/two ways/choice/not sure , it is purely from the mind. Till this happens I don’t take any action. Lots of feverishness and temptations to act. I see mind keep coming up with pros and cons of all the ideas. I work on completely forgetting that need to make decision (put myself in a state of I don’t know). The right answer/direction/guide always comes when I let go all of the thoughts in its entirety with full acceptance and trust that the answer WILL come and at the right moment and then suddenly when I did not expect, one inspiration or intuition will arise. I can clearly with no doubt see that it is not by me or any one else and it just popped out of no where and is the BEST(we can clearly tell at this point). Bottom line , only two things I practice: 1. Courage to Let Go Temptation of taking action 2: Have candid Trust like a child.


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