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Ekta ji, during Vyadhi, even as small as a headache, the Prana takes a hit and is focused only on the body. Should one wait for the phase to finish, and take it as tapas to come back and settle in the Self, what do you suggest?


No dear, what’s the point of being in the Self when everything is hunky dory?

One must learn to be established in the Self in difficult situations like Vyadhi [physical illness] as well as any other discomfort at the mental level.

Contemplate on the following during illness:

  • Recognize that ‘I am not this body’, that is why I can witness the body getting sick and I can witness the body getting well.
  • Realize that despite the mind not wanting the disease, the body is still like a puppet. It is just dancing to the strings of a higher force. The Mind does NOT create my reality, something else does.
  • Realize the true joy of letting it happen and seeing the flow clearly. You will not be able to see the flow as clearly in times of pleasure. Pain is the only chance to meet the ‘flow’ face to face. Be with it!

When you learn to be with what is, gratitude will flow even in the most difficult situations in life because you will realize that you always remain untouched. The biggest disease cannot touch you! It can taint the body-mind but YOU always remain untarnished.

It’s a big relief to make friends with the flow in Vyadhi. Try it!

May you be established in the Self, in sickness and in health! Shanta Bhava!

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  1. Tejal Desai

    Jai Gurudev Ektaji,
    How can I see flow? How can I remain untouched? In the second question, my understanding is as read your knowledge sheet, I m not the body. I m not the mind. Is this the way to remain untouched?


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