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I have impressions on my mind for past so many years that this body is me. How do I get rid of this impression that is so strongly rooted in my mind? Will the impression of “I am the body” be the reason for my re-birth again as a human being?



There is no need to be feverish about getting rid of any impressions that are already there. Otherwise your mind will develop another dvesha to ‘identifying with the body impression’. Remember, impressions are caused by raaga/dvesha. Thus, don’t kindle another dvesha. Because this dvesha will again become the reason for rebirth ;)….. Vicious cycle!

Then what to do once you have identified a strong impression?

Step 1 – Awareness of how impressions are caused: Just knowing that I have certain impressions caused because of being entangled in the Maaya of people/situations/things, is enough. Understanding this, the attachments start dropping away naturally, just like the attachment to toys dropped away…… provided that you continue to step 2 and 3.

Step 2 –  Self-study with the help of this ancient knowledge: I say ‘study’ and not just ‘watch or listen’ to scriptural talks because it is not spiritual entertainment. It requires effort. Nothing can be gained without effort dear. Not only listening but applying the principles to yourself is required. But is step 2 sufficient? Nope 🙂

Step 3 – Zabardast Purushartha: Incessant effort to understand and apply all the principles of Ashtavakra, Patanjali, Narada, Upanishads, Bhagwad geeta, etc again and again and again is mandatory. Because the mind very easily goes back to its old ways. The mind finds an escape route. Bringing it back again and again is a skill that must be developed. And no skill can be mastered overnight. This is not the path for the weak. It is the path for the strong seekers. Those who can strengthen their Viveka and weaken their minds are the ones that win on this path!

Thus, most impressions that can be potential sprouts for future can be completely wiped off by spiritual application provided your efforts are continuous, unceasing and sincere, just like they would be for making 10 million dollars 🙂




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    Thank you Didi. This is extremely useful knowledge and guidance.


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