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Ignore the lust for mystical experiences…that is not true spirituality!

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Ekta Ji, in a dream, even if certain events are unlikely, they may look sooo.. convincing… I am still practicing to witness myself in both states. But I could experience the particles from my limbs raises and fill up the whole body like air or dhoopam – smoke and also extending beyond…currently I am practicing – being at Self most of the time…



I hope that the ‘particles rising from your limbs experience’ was a dream dear. If it is a dream it needs to be brushed away, ignored just like you ignore every dream.

If you are saying that in the waking state you saw particles rising from your limbs like dhoopam [incense smoke] then it is a deluded story of the waking mind. Please recognize that the path of self-inquiry [Gnyana Marg] does not encourage such mystical and mythical stories as they only strengthen the deluded false belief of  ‘I am the body-mind personality’.

In Gnyana Sangha, the sincere spiritual seeker is always encouraged to go beyond religious beliefs, ancient superstitions, lust for mystical experiences, concepts created from mythical beliefs.

Reject all of these, go beyond the stories of the mind to the NOTHINGNESS that you truly are.

The Ego does not like this truth that it is NO-THING. It creates the lust to dive into mystical stories. Please recognize this weakness of the Ego and shun all such thoughts repeatedly. For the same, if you must set aside religious rites and rituals, if you must stay away from such concept-creators that influence your naive mind, if you must discontinue practices that enamor you with promises of mystery and myth, then please do so. Do everything that is required to protect your mind just like a mother would protect her little child.

Only trust what you can experientially recognize discarding everything else based on belief or assumption. The path of Gnyana is the path of pure recognition only keeping even intellectual philosophies at bay!

Recognize the truth! Only stay with your own direct experiential truth! All this is clearly, openly, and directly addressed in Advaita Level II videos here – Please ensure you complete them all. Needless to say, Advaita Level I is a foundational prerequisite before you attempt the below Advaita Level II sessions.

– ‘Advaita Level II Ramana Maharshi’s sessions on The Guru’ explain how you project your own personal material and spiritual world.
– ‘Advaita Level II Saint Kabir’s teachings on Love’ explain that true love is found within and you are already complete, you need nothing from outside.
– ‘Advaita Level II Saint Kabir’s teachings on Death’ explain that you never die, you cannot die as you are truly deathless.
– ‘Advaita Level II Saint Kabir’s teachings on Vishishtha Advaita I’ clarify the basics of how conditioning and belief blind one from the highest truth.
– ‘Advaita Level II Saint Kabir’s teachings on Vishishtha Advaita II’ clarify how conditioning and belief can be totally overcome.

Keep chugging! I am right by your side.


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