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If you don’t drop dvesha, you might be born to it!

by | Apr 7, 2022 | Aagami, Aversion, Independent Spirituality, Karma, Mind, Niyati, Reaction, Sakshi Bhav/Witness, Vedic


I have been trying to implement the discipline of non-reaction and being an observer in my life. My current land lady is a perfectionist, extremely organized, very picky with a complaining nature. I find it very difficult to keep her happy. Despite listening to everything that she says, I think my good behavior is being taken for granted. Being an observer and non-reacting is not giving the result what knowledge says. Please help.



First of all, you need to understand that knowledge does not say that if you do not react to your obnoxious land lady’s remarks/tantrums and just be an observer then your land lady will disappear from the face of this planet. That is not going to happen dear. Please get out of your wonderland.

Knowledge says, if you want to keep a calmer mind and not regret your reactions later, then implement this discipline of non-reaction and just be an observer of all karmas flowing into your life. By just being with the moment as it is, you will definitely become a stronger person.

This discipline will not take your karma away. In fact, it might bring ten-fold karma to you. Why? Because, now you have learned the skill to deal with karma better.

God/Universe/Niyati brings to you exactly what you can handle, not more, not less. Just like we will not ask a Kindergarten child to solve Higher mathematics equations, just like that, if some problem has come your way, you definitely will be able to solve it.

So don’t wait for your land lady to disappear into thin air. Just understand how PURE OBSERVATION & NON-REACTION can help prevent creation of future karma seeds with her.

Otherwise you never know, you might be born to her in the next lifetime because of your dvesha!

Tread carefully!  

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