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If life is a happening, then what do I celebrate? what do I strive for?

by | Feb 20, 2019 | Ashtavakra Gita, Craving, Drama, Expectations, Mind, Raaga/Dvesha, Sakshi Bhav/Witness, Service, Seva, Vedic


I understand that I am not the 5 elements, I am not the body, the mind or the intellect.  I am not any labels, I am not male or female, young or old etc. I am a Sakshi, a witness and I am the pure consciousness. My question is: I therefore, can nearly believe and accept that there is nothing to be unhappy about. I can also do my work because that is my calling.

But, what is there in life to be enthusiastic and happy about? If life is a happening and I am a witness, then what do I celebrate? what do I strive for?  There is nothing to gain or strive for or achieve.  So then what is happiness?


Who is asking this question? Do you recognize from where is this question coming? It is again the mind. Just merely verbally saying that, “I am not the mind” is of no use. It has to become your nature to be able to recognize when this tool called “mind” needs to be ignored. It is like a small child who goes to the mall and starts screaming and demanding for a toy forgetting it has numerous similar toys lying at home. You just ignore his demand and make all efforts to get him busy in something else. It is the same thing you need to do with the mind. Train your mind! More appropriately, free your mind! Free it from raaga and dvesha!

Every time you speak, every time you think, take a step back from the mind and intellect and observe the drama. This craving for “What will I get” will drop! Understand that this craving for happiness itself is sorrow! This is the highest knowledge. If you get this, you have got it all. Then the stillness of nothingness happens. That stillness is a celebration in itself. You do not have to do anything anyways to celebrate, life itself is a celebration when you skillfully learn to drop the mind! It is such a profound freedom; the joy is immeasurable!

Homework: All day today, in every activity, recognize from where a thought is arising, which faculty of mine is saying what? Craving for happiness is a tendency of the mind. The mind is constantly looking to gain something. It always says what will I get in return. Whether craving for name, fame, material objects or a place in heaven or enlightenment, all are just illusions of the mind. I am not talking only about regular work and home life only. If you do seva (service) expecting a pat on the back or name and fame, you are not doing seva, it’s just business. Ashtavakra will further tell you that you are just a Vanijya (merchant) and you will definitely drown. Seva done with expectation is not seva at all. And any simple action (cleaning your own home) done without expectation is divine! Recognize this! Just becoming aware of the mind again and again is practicing Sakshi bhav!

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