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If I am not the doer then how do I accrue Karma?

by | May 28, 2023 | Advaita, Doership, Ego, Enlightenment, General Spiritual, I, Karma, Liberation, Non-Doership, Paths, Raaga/Dvesha, Self- Realization, You


If I am not the doer then how do I accrue Karma? If I am not the doer then how is there a karma bag? If I didn’t do anything then whose Karma bag am I carrying?



When you were a baby, there was no sense of ‘I’. There was no sense of ‘my body’. There was no ‘I’ and no ‘You’. There was a sense of ‘oneness’ with everyone.

If there was no sense of ‘I’ when you were a baby, who were you at that time? What were you at that time? One-ness? Love? Non-Duality?

Stage of Conditioning:

Soon, with conditioning the ‘I’ developed. You started feeling a sense of separateness from others. You felt that you are a separate self. You took up an identity. The Ego was born.

This Ego believes it is doing everything and experiencing everything. It likes pleasant situations and dislikes unpleasant ones. Thus doership develops strengthening the self-identity even more. This disastrous duo of doership + experiencership creates the bag of Karma. The chain of cause and effect begins.

Stage of Pre-awakening:

When one keeps failing repeatedly due to egoic acts, he starts questioning his own likes/dislikes and starts connecting them to the events. In the intelligent one, a clarity dawns revealing the links between cause and effect. That is the first step of a long inner journey.
The intensity of commitment to the inner search helps one understand the delicate workings of the mind/ego/intellect/body mechanism. In the process of that internal research, the wise one recognizes that there is something inside him that remains untouched by the gymnastics of the mind/ego/intellect/body mechanism.

Even in today’s turbulent times, only the thoughts are turbulent, only emotions are turbulent and for a few the body is turbulent, yet there is something deep inside, which is the knower of this turbulence and remains untouched by this turbulence. This is the highest recognition.

Stage of Self-awakening:

One now starts looking deeper and starts establishing in this knower. The knower is before the known. Soon it dawns that the ‘I’ is also known. Then how can the ‘I’ be the knower. A search begins ‘Who am I?’

Gradually the layer of thoughts opens up. This is the mind and intellect. Hidden behind is the ‘I’, that is the layer of Ego. But there is still something beyond that knows the ‘I’ and its thoughts.

One starts dwelling in this knower of everything. This knower is just there. It does not do. It does not say. it is just a witness. It is devoid of action. It is even devoid of experience. it just is. This is non-doership.

Reached Home:

This is very similar to the state in which you were as a baby. But the ‘I’ conditioned it, colored it. Now the coloring has dropped, you are back to the same one-ness, even to say one-ness is incorrect. This is the true state of Advaitam – Non-duality. This is who you truly are! Beyond old age, beyond sickness, beyond death… You are the Non-doer who does not accrue any karma!

The awakened one now rests there. He is home!

Are you home yet?



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