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How to thank the Infinite?

by | Nov 25, 2021 | God, Grateful, Gratitude, Independent Spirituality, Knowledge, Service, Seva, Thanksgiving

Someone asked me how to thank that infinite power? What could I do for God that would be the closest possible thanks to him?

I answered, “God does not need your prayer, rites, rituals. He really does not need your flowers, fruit, coconut, etc. God wants every individual to be happy. So if you can put a smile on someone’s face, anyone’s face, then you are doing the closest possible gesture of gratitude that would touch God’s heart.

She thought for a while and responded, “I don’t have much money or things to donate, but I have a clean pure heart to serve, what service can I do best? What is the highest kind of service that can go beyond the temporary smile on the face and put a permanent smile in someone’s heart?”

I responded, “The gift of Gnyana can bring peace to a restless soul, that gnyana can calm down a simmering heart, even if the person is not ready for it, you will have planted the seed of gnyana in them. One day it will sprout and give them solace”.

She said, “I want to bring this solace to many hearts not just to one.”

I said, “Some higher power is shining its light on you right now. A heart full of love and gratitude is the best gift for God. This is the best Thanksgiving!”

She has volunteered to host a knowledge session that might bring solace to many hearts.

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