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How to respect elders even when they are wrong?

by | Jun 28, 2023 | Buddha, General Spiritual, Parent/Child, Relationship


What should we do when we are in a dilemma of whether to respect our elders and not hurt their feelings even if we know they are wrong or support what we think is right to help a needful person who has got no support from anyone even if it involves going against your elders?



You must do what is right according to you. This is your Dharma. There will always be people in this world against your Dharma and for your Dharma. You must never forget or get swayed from the right path because of others opinions.

Buddha said, ‘Do what you think is right. Don’t follow anyone. Don’t even follow me. You use your own intellect to directly observe the truth and act accordingly. This is your Dharma’. Got it?

Following your Dharma while taking everyone along is a skill that one needs to develop. The skill cannot be described, it is indescribable! Just like a Guitar teacher can teach you the chords and scales for a song but you need to find that skill within you to be able to play that song beautifully, correct?

Similarly, work on your people skills which includes maintaining respect for all, even when they are wrong, while being strongly established in your Dharma, then you will emerge victorious! Yashaswi bhava!

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