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How to make sure not to be born again? How to stop the cyclical nonsense of birth and death?


That’s an invaluable question, dear. But, It does not have a straight answerThere is NO way to ensure not to be born again. 

  1. At the most, you can work hard on your spiritual growth and drop all cravings, all aversions and basically all desires including the desire to attain the peak of Self-Realization.
  2. You can practice meditation to reach that silence of Samadhi where you learn to find the peace ‘within’ rather than ‘without’.

Only when one gets to a point, where there is complete desirelessness, can enlightenment or liberation be achieved.

The last obstacle to attain liberation amongst the highest Yogis is: 

  • The ‘desire to not be born again’ is an obstacle on your path to enlightenment. The desire to stop the cyclical nonsense of birth and death can prevent you from actually getting out of this cycle.

So, If you have to keep a goal, keep the goal of having no more goals. Keep the goal of “Just Being”. Being with what is!

How to hone the skill of -‘Being with what is’?

‘Being with what is’ is in others words ‘utter equanimity’. Equanimity is the only key to Enlightenment.

What is the meaning of Equanimity?

Equanimity is when you neither swing towards right nor towards wrong, neither towards good nor bad. No polarities in life, whatsoever. When you reach a state, where you are always in the center, when you do not swing like a pendulum, come what may, then you have attained Equanimity.

That Equanimity is ALL that is worth attaining in life or in death. Hope you reach that Equanimity soon. Hope you can drop this desire to not be born again!

Sukhi Bhava!

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