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I am starting to get to a point of reading/listening/understanding this spiritual knowledge where I am “making it a concept” as Guruji puts it. How do I “experience” the knowledge rather than “learn” it? Just wait out prarabdha? It almost feels like I can ‘speak the language’ by taking courses/reading etc. I even believe the knowledge…but have zero experience….so really it’s like taking a course in chemistry and believing it to be true..never having experienced a thing…Advise? (Please please…)



Don’t make knowledge a concept, otherwise, you will be the only one to lose. You will have to experience it by your own self – effort. Everyone’s path of effort is different. You will have to carve your own path dear.

Just like a medical student aspiring to be a doctor goes to medical school to learn all that has been discovered about medicine, you will need to study the scriptures.

Just like the doctor takes guidance from the teachers; you will have to learn from the Guru who is your spiritual teacher.

Just like, merely reading the medical books will not make him a genuine medical practitioner, scriptural reading will not make you an instant Yogi.

Just like the doctor must make his own efforts to implement what he has studied, even while faltering in his first few diagnoses and facing failure initially; you must also make efforts to apply the spiritual knowledge to train the mind & discipline it to meditate even though it keeps running away ceaselessly.

Gradually with effort the doctor develops the skill to know the patient’s problem and provide relief quickly enough; similarly, you will also develop the skill to attain the state of ‘No Mind’ which will provide you that peace you are seeking for.

Meditation is a pre-requisite skill to experience the knowledge and prevent it from becoming a Concept. Listening to spiritual knowledge is part of your self-study in the Gurukul of this Samsara. But finally, the special skill to experience the highest must be developed by YOU only using the tools of Meditation & Scriptural Knowledge.

How to cultivate the skill?

Only by meditating, long enough, deep enough, being absolutely still like the Buddha, overcoming lethargy, purifying your inner environment with Spiritual knowledge & disciplining the mind with strict adherence, can you attain Samadhi.

Samadhi just seems like a big word but a sincere person can attain it within a few days of long, protracted, intense & aware meditation. [Not the meditation where you are thinking with eyes closed – that is just self-bluff]. When awareness of the present moment increases, you learn to focus on the NOW, rather than on thoughts. Thoughts = Past or Future. Present moment = Silence. Being in the present moment helps you gain the heights of Samadhi. It is not as tough as it seems, really.

You just need to have that intense thirst for the Ultimate Knowledge. It cannot be attained by a lukewarm interest where you treat spirituality as weekend entertainment. It comes to you only when you give it Number 1 priority in life above everything/everyone.

Sadho sahaj samadhi bhali – Simple Samadhi is the best way.

What does Samadhi help with?

In Samadhi, all this scriptural knowledge will become your OWN experience. Then you will not have to ‘believe’ anyone, you will ‘KNOW’ it. That is called Self-Knowledge.

There is no joy in this world that I can say is greater than experiencing the spiritual knowledge in your own meditation. But remember, no one can gift you your Enlightenment, you will have to work hard for it. It’s not too far away, start walking now. Aapo Deepo Bhava! – Be your own light!

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